Clutch help -- photos TK

  1. Good morning,
    Can someone help me ID three bags/clutches. I've read through the reference threads for the last 2.5 hours -- super informative -- but I don't my (mother's) bags listed. She's had these bags for ages and I've borrowed them from time to time without realizing they were Hermes bags.

    The bags are the same style: flat, with a flap and a wooden H logo snap button. The colors are black, burgundy and a beige. The are all stamped with Hermes Paris made in france.

    I will upload photos later tomorrow when I get back from the hospital, but perhaps someone can ID without photos. (Though I know it is much easier with the visual aid.)

    Thank you.
  2. It sounds like the Rio to me. The button has a gold H embossed into it, correct?
  3. Like an envelope clutch? Sounds like Rio.
  4. Yes, it is an envelope size with a gold embossed H. You ladies are amazing. I will upload images tomorrow. Thank you.