clutch for spring/summer?

  1. [​IMG]
    Michael by Michael Kors clutch- $152
    Kate Spade clutch- $195[​IMG]

    any other suggestions?!
  2. The Michael Kors one is lovely, really unusual, but I like it :smile:
  3. I love the Michael Kors one. I think I may have to scoop that one up myself for the summer. I have his tote like that in black and one in white. I just love that summer straw style.
  4. wow this one looks pretty reminds me of a picnic basket lol...
  5. I don't know if I care for either of them because I like clutches to be soft and squishy and I like it to fit softly in my hand. It seems that it would be hard to carry a basket in your palm. Just my thoughts on it.
  6. i think i prefer the kate spade.. it's much better in real life.
    it's really simple.. but the patent leather makes it a bit more interesting.

    but i can't really decide.
  7. WOW...LOVE the MK clutch!!!!!!!! That hardware is gorgeous!!!!!! :love:
  8. Oh my! They are all so gorgeous...
  9. I like the look of the Michael Kors one, but it doesn't seem very practical. I think I would get annoyed carrying a rigid clutch that doesn't fit much, but that's just me. It is really cute though.:yes:
  10. The MK looks like it's not made that well.
    I feel like the edges of the leather don't meet the straw and I can almost see inside. Don't like that.....would hate to lose something while the bag is shut!
    I like the Kate Spade better.
  11. I love the kate spade one!
  12. Love them both. But the Michael Kors is a bit more interesting. Perfick for picnics!!
  13. I just got this Juicy one from Bloomies, and I love it! I think the color is perfect for spring and summer and the leather is really soft!