Clutch Experts- Shoulder v Make-up

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  1. Are these the same except the shoulder has a strap?
  2. I am interested in the make-up clutch & I searched the forum about it. From what I read I think they are the same size. The only difference is the strap & it's a lot more money. I could be wrong...

    By the way the bag in your Avatar is gorgeous. What style & color is it?

  3. awww..thank you!:love: It is a pale rose first..I love her!!:heart:
  4. I love it! I want a first. I don't have a Bbag. I should be going to BalNY next week but I don't know how to sneak the bag in my house. My husband is going to kill me!

    After looking at that site, I want to know the difference between the ghost & the make-up clutch. ????

    Oh... The shoulder comes with a mirror. I don't think the make-up does.
  5. The makeup clutch and the shoulder are the same size, but there are some slight differences. The shoulder has piping around all the seams, which gives it a tiny bit more structure; and it has an inside zip pocket; and of course the strap with the o-rings; and a cute little mini version of the standard mirror. It's also heavier than the makeup because of the hardware, of course.

    The ghost is pretty small - it seems to me it's really meant to be an inside-another-bag kind of bag. The makeup holds much more - it has the side and bottom panels that give it depth, while the ghost is flat - just back and front sewn together.
  6. i LOVE ghost!!!
  7. Louisey nailed all the details. here they are.
  8. totally :drool:ing over the pictures!
  9. Love the red one!!! As for husbands are you sure he would even notice. I have been using my first for 2 days now and I think my hubby thinks I got it at walmart.

  10. He wouldn't believe me if I said I bought it at Wal-mart.
  11. For those of you out there who have the Shoulder, how versatile do you find it to be? I'd mainly be using it as a bag inside another bag, and I am wondering if the strap would be an issue (since it does not look to be detachable). If you have both the Shoulder and the Make up, do you find the Make up to be more user friendly for different things? TIA!
  12. I thought the strap was detachable?!?:confused1:
  13. If you mostly just want to use it in other bags, just go with the Makeup. You pay a lot more money for the strap, which it doesn't sound like you need (although I do believe you can take it off if you want).

    I think the strap would kind of get in the way. Mine is perfect for what you're talking about and you save $200 if you really don't need the strap or the mini-mirror.
  14. Of course, I forgot to include an important bit of info in regards to the Shoulder vs. Make up. :rolleyes: The Shoulder would be the same price as the Make up. I'd like to have the versatility of the strap (just in case), but if it is going to bug me when I try to use it in another bag, I'll pass.

    Anyone out there who has the Shoulder, is the strap detachable? I can't tell from photos.