CLUTCH Conundrum... Balenciaga won out over Chanel! lol

  1. I had my sights set on a black Chanel Caviar clutch but after laying my eyes on this beauty today, I couldn't resist plunking down my Holt's AMEX for 25% off the price! :p

    She has the lovliest leather with just the right amount of veining and the number of pockets/ spaces inside is amazing! Not a huge clutch but not a small one either - fits lots. And she can be dressed up or down. :tup:

    I am five-feet tall so you lovely ladies who are my size will adore the size of the Envelope Clutch. Will NOT overwhelm you but is just large enough to be practical yet stands out as a bit edgy. :yes:

    ***INTERIOR pics on page 3***



  2. lovely! congrats on a hot clutch=)
  3. That is a fabulous choice and it looks great on you! Congrats!!
  4. Congrats!! Great clutch!
  5. congrats Addy! the envelope is gorgeous! I think i'd prefer this over my Chanel clutches as well... unless its for very formal occassions, then I'd carry Chanel...
  6. Oh that looks sooo freaking hot on you!
  7. congrats! :tup:
  8. You both look hot!!! Congrats!!!
  9. i saw one as well in london and it was soooooooooooooooooo lovely.. costing 500 pounds...
    i so much want to buy it..
    but i m so broke and waiting for the new magenta work =)
  10. Congratulations,
  11. Congrats Addy!
  12. How lovely! Congratulations!

    I wish you well,

  13. Looks stunning, congrats
  14. Congratulations on your beautiful clutch!! What an excellent choice! I agree that the Black with SGH is the perfect combination of practical and edgy!
  15. Congrats, Addy! Great Choice!!!
    We're envelope clutch twins now.