Clutch? Anyone? Help?

  1. I am trying to help Jamie (Sunshine) find an evening bag for her dress (posted in the jewelry thread).

    Does this Chanel bag (described to me over the phone) rsound familiar?

    Silver leather clutch, camelia flower in silver on front, flaps over with zipper on very top? Does ring a bell to anyone?

    Price, pics any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Yessssssss its a sexy sexy clutch it comes in python too absolutely divine...check out in the S/S accessories youll see a clutch in bronze python its exactly the same except in silver.
  3. OMG! Its gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  4. WOW!!! ITS GORGEOUS!!! I ordered the silver one!! Im really NOT a Chanel gal but I needed a good evening bag, and I must say I scored a pretty HOT one!!! Its so timeless. (Selena loves it and she is my BIOTCH)
  5. Sunshine, I just looked at that bag and I love it in the bronze. I'm glad you could get the silver one.

    I was thinking, maybe, I should order the bronze one, and then build an outfit around it for my cruise. LOL

  6. Thank you!! I bought it site unseen so I appreciate the help.;)
  7. I am soooo glad you are getting a Chanel! You can wear it when we go to AC! LOL Or lend it to me to wear! :smile:
  8. I was just curious if anyone has the silver clutch? It will be here Tuesday but I just CAN NOT wait to see it!! I have no idea what shade it is or anything!! (sight unseen...) many thanks!!
  9. Sounds very nice!!!!
  10. OOH!CANT wait till it comes!!!!post pics!!!
  11. OH YES!!! I know this bag!!!! They have two at the Sydney Chanel store and I can't afford one and I will pine for this clutch FOREVER!!! It is sosososososo beautiful.

    No online pics of the actual bag and the price in Australia is AUD2500:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  12. wow..i just looked at the website pic...hubba bag!!
  13. Ooh congrats! I think I've seen this one. It's really cute!
  14. I saw the python one...Im assuming the silver one will look quite different...Oh more day!! It will be here! The Sa that helped me was AWESOME. NM on Michigan avenue in Chicago...his name was Michael..I told him where I was going, what I was wearing and he was all over helpful, and sweet!!! I will make of a point of going to see him when we go back to our home there...(its toooooo cold now!!) lol Anyway..he was a sweetie pie!!

    I will post pics tomorrow~~