Cluny Wear

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  1. Thank you, you need to see the blueberries in store...nothing short of gorgeousness!
  2. Hi Oryx816, I bought Cluny bb RB color not long ago. I just purchased twice emp RB color yesterday. But I really like Lockme || bb RB color. What do you think of Lockme || bb compared to Cluny bb? I have a little kid so I will wear my bag crossbody mainly. I don't know if it is worth to sell Cluny bb now to get lockme || bb or return twice to get Lockme || bb? I do think Cluny bb looks kind of similar to Lockme || bb but I feel Lockme bb leather is softer and it looks more casual? Also I think Lockme bb maybe more comfortable to wear?What's your opinion? Thanks!
  3. #18 Apr 5, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2016
    The color on the plastic logo can come off when scratched, I can see this on mine. I have the black, so it may be more obvious. I still like this feature, though. Much cuter than if it had just been imprinted in the leather. If necessary I'm sure it could always be replaced, so I wouldn't let that be a deterrent. Love this bag and haven't noticed any other wear.