Cluny versus Lockme II - any personal experience with either/both?

May 18, 2015
I had a chance to stop by the LV boutique today. Wanted to check out the Lockme II. It was nice but heavy. The SA also implied that the leather was on the delicate side and not really meant for daily use (don't get me wrong - she was very very nice and was not being snooty or negative or anything). Anyway, I asked her for her recommendation for a bag that was the same style in Epi and she recommended the Cluny. I did like both the Cluny and Lockme II a LOT. Questions:
1. The magnetic closure of the Cluny is VERY strong. Almost a struggle to open the bag - will that be a problem? Cause dents/any "misshaping" of the bag down the line?
2. Is the Lockme II leather delicate? Will it need too much care? If I am spending that much on a bag, I do want to be able to use it daily - will it be able to stand up to that kind of use without needing babying?
3. Which bag will serve both as a day bag and an evening bag (nothing formal - just a dinner out at a nice-ish restaurant)
4. Which bag will go equally well with jeans and with office clothes (tailored pants, shirt - nothing too formal)
5. Which bag is more timeless? Which one will start looking dated soon? Or are both neutral silhouettes which will stand the test of time?


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Mar 2, 2007
I love the classic timeless style of Cluny and the beautiful leather of lock me. Epi leather is super durable, my epi piece is over 5 yrs old without a scratch. Which color are you planning to get?


Jul 18, 2013
I prefer the look of the Lockme. I think it is a more timeless design. Love the closure, adjustable strap, and the interior layout is fantastic. Although it is a soft leather it does not sag. The Cluny while it has a similar shape I think the epi would maybe wear better, but IMHO it doesn't have as sophisticated look. Good luck deciding.
Nov 27, 2014
There is something about Cluny that just conveys sophistication. I love the shape and the simplicity of the bag and I find Epi leather to be durable as well as beautiful.

+1 Cluny over the lock me. That's my next bag I'm going to purchase in January for my bday =]

The magnetic flap is super strong but that's okay, it'll soften I'm sure. I don't think the magnet will cause damage since epi is such a structured leather.

As for timeless, I think the Cluny will withstand time better. It's more of a classic shape and look than the lockme to me. The lockme seems more of a modern take on a classic silhouette. The Cluny to me is just very classic but idk, in biased.

As for durability, I think both will wear very well. I just think Cluny has the advantage of staying much more structured since it is epi. But I do enjoy soft leather bags. They're comfy for long wearing time.

I think both bags go well from day to night and office to play. They can look formal with certain outfits and then play the casual role if you're in jeans and tee.

Try them on side by side again and choose one. Just do what I do. Wear super casual clothes to purchase the bag and see how you look since you want it for a daily bag.
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