Cluny MM Epi- is this normal wear and tear?

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  1. Hi all,

    I purchased a Cluny MM in Epi Noir at the end of a February. I'd say I've used it often, though it is not my everyday bag.

    This weekend, I noticed what looks like wrinkling next to the plastic logo (you may also notice this logo has some paint that's been scratched off, but that I do chalk up to my own wear and tear.)

    I know sometimes we expect too much of our luxury items simply because of the price tag, and it is not crazy noticeable (especially on camera):

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461764149.450239.jpg so I am looking for some perspective- is it normal for this wrinkling to appear on epi within a couple of months?

    To me it looks like the talked-about wrinkling of epi leather, but 2 months seems premature to me. Is it possible it's something I did? I don't feel like any bump I could have made would cause this particular marking.

    Any insight would be appreciated, thanks all!
  2. Ugh... Looks like the leather is drying up. It's skin and it's coated so it can either be the animal or it can be the glazing work on it. Why can't LV shape their hardware instead of doing the whole paint work on it? Why cut corners on these items? I would go to a boutique and ask for a manager and voice your concerns. Sorry to see this...
  3. oh this must be very upsetting... My cluny is sent in for repair so I can't check it for comparison, but I'm pretty I have not seen any wrinkling on it. I'll check my vintage epi pieces tomorrow and see if I can see anything similar.

    I agree that you should bring it in to LV and see what they say. Have you left it near a heat source by any chance?

    Hopefully LV can shed some light on this matter and help you out with it! good luck!

  4. Thank you, I think I'll need to check in with the boutique.

    Honestly, I just feel a bit uncomfortable because they've already replaced a faulty bag for this year (the Caissa, which I ended up selling anyway partly in fear of having the same issues) and even though It's through no fault of my own, I don't want it to seem "odd" to them... Like replacement after replacement. I'm paranoid after hearing banning stories! I don't think returns/exchanges for defect are distinguished from other returns in their system.

  5. Oh, what issue did you have with your Cluny?

    And I don't believe so. Is that what it looks like? It's kept cool in a closet shelf when unused. The only heat i can think of is when it's by my side driving on a hot day... Or when the car is heated... But I don't think that would do it.
  6. I don't think it's normal granted I've barely used mine.
    The leather is quite sturdy so for it to be this way after barely 2 months, I will take it in.
  7. Epi leather can wrinkle but this seems fast. Epi speedys developed dents and and wrinkles from the sag but it took years to develop.
  8. Why would you care wether you seem "odd" to them or not? You're are their customer and they are a luxury brand. If anyone should feel odd it's them no?
    Don't talk yourself down like that:smile: you've got our support! This is not normal. Besides, any feedback to them would be good to them as these quality issues are happening cross the board. Good luck and you got this!
  9. #9 Apr 27, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016

    Just a bit of unnecessary anxiety on my part, is all. I'm appreciating all the support on this one!
  10. This is just a mark where the leather got bent. That's it.
  11. That could be a possibility, thanks for the input.