Clumsy me scratched my caviar bag...

  1. so i noticed a long (2-3 inch) scratch on one of my caviar bags:sad: luckily, it's on the side but it still bums me out. does anyone have any advice how to make it less noticeable? it's not totally superficial (so lotion won't rub it out) but it's not too deep either -- i can't imagine how this happened! can/will chanel fix this? it's a vintage bag so i don't have the receipt. thanks!
  2. I'm so sorry for you. :sad: Haven't had any experience with scratches on my caviar, but maybe others have. You could always call Chanel and ask them if it's fixable.
  3. yes I suggest calling chanel to see whether they can fix it. When i go to the YSL boutique last month in NYC wanting to ask them to fix my calfhair muse bag (some parts of the bag are bald already because or constant rubbing), they said "ok, just go pick another one". So i did.=) yay!! I think these high-end brand should really serve all the way and stand behind their brands.
  4. where do you live? you can always bring your chanel to th eboutique on 5th ave and they will quote you a price for the repair since it's been purchased for over a year.

    pink- omg, they just gave you a new bag?!? now that's stellar customer service!
  5. mhmm, I thought caviar is suppose to withstand scratches.
  6. I also think so... The scratch must came from a heavy scratch that it got scratched up...:confused1:
  7. It really is. It must have been a pretty heavy scratch for it to actually hurt the leather. God knows mine should be scratched by now and it's not. In general caviar is very durable.
  8. This may be a dumb question - but how long has Chanel been using the "Caviar style" leather on the bags???

    I too enjoy the caviar - it is a nice look and so far worry free....

    Good luck with your bag repair...keep us posted on the outcome.
  9. Last week I set my caviar flap on the floor and accidentally shoved my stilleto heel right into the bag. I was horrified.

    This sounds gross, I quickly swiped my finger across my forehead to get a little bit of oil on it it and rubbed the scratch right out. I think if you do it right away, it's much easier to take care of. Now you can not tell anything has happened to it at all.
  10. oh dear! I thought that caviar was more durable than that! how does the scartch look like?

    good lluck!

  11. Great save with quick thinking!
  12. I would go to the Chanel store and explain to them that you love your Chanel Bags and were really upset that this bag scratched and see if their is anything they can do. But I would be very very nice about it.
  13. hearing how caviar is supposed to be scratch proof makes me feel awful -- what did i do to this bag?? i am so careful that i have lambskin bags that don't have a mark. i've tried taking pictures of the scratch but they won't come out. i called the chanel boutique and they told me to bring it in (unfortunately, this is not a current style so they can't just give me a new one -- bummer!) my guess is they will say that's too bad but there's nothing we can do (that's really what i wanted to know -- whether caviar can be "refurbished" like some of the hermes leathers). thanks for all the advice and sympathy ladies -- i will keep you posted!:heart:
  14. please keep us updated. I would like to know too just in case :yes:
  15. Sorry that happened. I'm not sure what to put on the caviar.

    I had my lambskin 2.55 and I backed into a stucco wall at a hotel we were in last year. I could feel it and hear it scratch my bag. I was immediately sick and was so afraid to look. My bag is grey. It did show a white mark. I was miserable the rest of the weekend, and then when I got home I put leather care on it and it rubbed right out.