Clumping Litter Cat-tastrophe


Beware the BIN Paw
Apr 25, 2007
Has anyone else ever dealt with this? My eldest cat gets an upset tummy every now and then. I'm used to wiping him down when this happens but now that I've switched to clumping litter, I found that he ends up with a stinky sculpture attached to his tail and legs.

I generally soak paper towels in warm water and apply to the problem area until he's clean but I'm wondering if there might be something faster or easier. I'm not adverse to bathing him -- I have safety goggles and gloves. Any suggestions?


Jul 10, 2008
Oh, yikes! Several years ago I had a long haired kitty that sometimes had stomach issues and would have to be cleaned. I'm assuming your cat is long haired as well? The best thing I found was to actually take a pair of electric clippers and trim the fur around her back-end quite short so nothing could "catch" or stick in it. I would trim the base of her tail, fur around her butt, and her back upper thighs. It really helped quite a bit.

Otherwise the only thing I can recommend is dunking the back end of the cat into a warm soapy sink to loosen things, and going from there.


Beware the BIN Paw
Apr 25, 2007
Actually, Winky is a short-haired male. He's a bit of a slob. There's always food stuck to his chin, litter between his toes, etc. My favorite slob moment is him chewing with his mouth open and dropping food all over the kitchen floor. I've never seen another cat like him. He's quite a character.

Fortunately, the poop sculpture moments are few and far between.

Thanks for your input.


Apr 3, 2008
Bay Area, CA
^My Stitch who is a short hair black cat is a slob too. I always laugh :lol: when he eats and leaves crumbs all over the floor. He just looks at me while chewing with his mouth wide open spitting out bits and pieces. My roommate just roll her eyes and said "Well he is a guy" :P
As for the clumping litter I don't know what to say other than what pmburk had already mentioned.


Jovi Junkie
Apr 20, 2007
Bon Jovi Blvd.
My kitty is having stomach issues right now as well and if she's not doing better tomorrow, she is going to the vet.

She doesn't get stinky sculptures attached to her rear end but she does get stinky (no litter sticks to her) and I need to wipe down her bottom area. I use warm wash cloths that are used for no other purpose but she really doesn't like being cleaned. I could not begin to imagine sticking her butt into a basin of water; I rather enjoy having skin on my forearms.

I'd also like to hear what people have for suggestions.


Sep 14, 2009
I am soooo glad I found this thread! I thought I had especially weird cats that soil themselves and the vets have never had any good suggestions either.
My cat has diarrhea (of which I have a sample in the fridge right now...:sick:) and he has already been bum-bathed three times today, plus I have had to mop the floor several times.
We haven't really found a better solution than to hold him by the scruff of his neck (which cat mothers do when they are kittens) and bath his behind in the tub filled with lukewarm water and petwash or babywash. If we hold him by the scruff of the neck he usually relaxes and you can avoid getting scratched too much, but of course he doesn't really like it. Then I just wrap him in a towel and cuddle him a bit and he seems okay. Also helps to avoid little poopy paw prints all over the house.


Jun 4, 2007
not sure there is an easy solution to this, especially if he's already short haired.
the only thing i can think of is to get the waterless shampooo or kitty wipes. but that would be essentially what you're doing already with the warm cloth.

i've had to wipe down my long hair cat once and omigod.... that was a nightmare. he doesn't like to sit still and weighs 20 pounds so i essentially had to lock us in the bathroom and try to pin him down. i think eventually he stopped got tired of moving around constantly and just gave up and let me clean him... but it was a process.


Beware the BIN Paw
Apr 25, 2007
Here's a new one. My little girl had a clump of poop stuck to her belly fur! And she's too plump to clean it herself. Yuck!

BNJJ, you might try pet wipes. They sell them in Target or pet stores. It's easier than having to clean a wash cloth every time and best of all, they are disposable. Sadly, tougher stuff is needed to de-clump clumping litter.

Hessefan, my thoughts and sympathies are with you.

My problems came from trying to mix up their diet a bit. They went on a hunger strike so I added a brand of wet that they sometimes eat. This is the first time it's caused a litterbox issue though.

This thread is turning out to be quite the eye-opener.


Nov 26, 2008
East Yorkshire, UK
We had an older cat that started to have serious toilet issues. It started to get to the point where she somtimes wouldn't make it to the litter tray. I really don't have much to suggest I'm afraid. We just had to bathe her daily which ended up being quite stressful for her. We did wipe her down at first but she started to get too smelly with just wipes. Have you taken him to the vets at all?
Ours had blood tests, which didn't actually reveal anything but if you can figure out what the cause is it might be a better way of approaching it. With our cat it was more that she was very old and ended up with a very sensitive tummy, she did have some injections every 8 weeks? which *helped* but didn't remove the situation completely.