Clueless SA...


*V is for Vintage*
Jun 1, 2007
Ok so I was shopping yesterday and saw these beautiful new MBMJ Faridahs but didn't get to look too much at them. So I called the SA at Nordys on Michigan Ave. and asked how much they were. She came back 5 minutes later and said they were $438. I said ok and asked if they were included in the sale or will be included. She then said...Sale? I don't know what your talking about. We don't have a sale, we just periodically mark down some bags. I was like OK?!?! I couldn't believe she said that, when yesterday I went there and tons of bags were on sale & not just "some". Anyways, she was absolutely clueless or lying.:cursing:


Feb 5, 2007
New York
lol Nes, brace'll run into that quite often, personally i think there should be some kinda shouldn't work with luxury goods unless you aspire to own them or already own them, because if you don't you don't see the value, thus your knowledge of them may be limited which in turn screws with the rest of us......JMO


Sep 9, 2006
i have a feeling that every single one of us has encountered a sa who had no idea what was going on or was ignorant of about what they're selling. when i called nordstrom to order the alyona last week, i spoke to a lady who told me it wasn't included in the sale. i had to tell her that i spoke to her coworker earlier that day and she was the one who informed me that the alyona was indeed a part of the sale. it's frustrating to have to deal with someone over the phone to begin with when trying to buy a high priced item, but when that someone has no clue what is going on in her own workplace, it really tests my tolerance limit.