Clueless Question Here

  1. I never really thought about this one and I think it is a questions some of you will roll your eyes at:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: , but do Kellys in Chevre only come in rigide? I just assumed you had a choice, but it was brought to my attention that it might only come rigide.

    Thank you all...those that did not laugh at me!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. No question is a roll-your-eyes queston, kellybag! I don't know the answer to that one either! It's a GREAT question! When I bought my CHevre Kelly not too long ago the tag said it was a Sellier but it sure looks to me like it's Ridige. Fopducks Chevre Kelly looks Rigide to me too (saw it IRL....gorgy bag!!!! If I ever get another black bag, it'll be a Kelly in Chevre w/Pall HW!!!!!)

    I'd love to know too.....
  3. Actually that's a good question KB, but I'm affraid I don't know the answer...:blink: I would imagine that it comes in souple aswell, but I'm sure our knowledgeable ladies will enlighten us....:yes: :smile:
  4. :smile: good question, not sure but I hope it comes both ways. they are very beautiful, I bought a black rigide one for my sister in law this year for her birthday. I liked it so much I almost did not give it to her!, ever since I keep hoping to see it on the shelf in souple form, I like that style a little better, it is more flexible then, and you can fit more stuff in a souple.:girlsigh:
  5. That's a really good question!! I think I have seen a souple Kelly in chevre coromandel before. I hadn't seen it in souple chevre mysore though.
  6. Not a dumb question at all. Chevre Kellys also come in souple! I have one in Rouge H and love and wear it to death!
  7. That is so good to know Lucy! I would love chevre in souple! Your Rouge H must be heavenly!
  8. Hi there Jag, here's a pic to prove it! LOL
    It's a 32cm with silver pall. HW and it's my most favorite Kelly! Although it's souple, it's dressy enough for evening. Shoes319 has the very same kind!
  9. OMG Lucy, it IS DIVINE! THank you so much for posting pics- that is always so helpful to actually see the different variations. And this Kelly is simply gorgeous! YOu must love her!!! I am beginning to long for a Kelly souple myself- and this gives me lots of inspiration!

    Ok, I know this may be a lot to ask for, but can anyone post a chevre rigide for comparison?? TIA!
  10. Jag, thank you! Here's a pic of a Kelly 28 rigide in Fuchsia Chevre de Cor. Another favorite of mine!


    BTW, I took a picture comparing rigide/souple Kellys for someone but I can't find it on my hard drive. I don't know if I deleted it. =(
  11. otingocni - I think I NEED a rouge H chevre kelly! and a pink one too!!!

    shoes - you're lucky as well!
  12. Lucy I love you! You are always so helpful and always have a pic of exactly what I was dying to see! That fuschia is AMAZING!!!! It is so hard to tell the difference between teh souple and the rigide in pics, but one this is for sure- I would like one of each please!:P

    Seriously, I am loving these chevre kellys. Its hard to think of a prettier bag!
  13. Jag, you're very, very welcome! Isn't Fuchsia TDF? If you think it's pretty in pics, you just have to see it in person. I've carried only once, though. Anyway, sometime when I'm not lazy/busy I'll photograph another rigide and a souple Kelly side by side. I really can't find that picture I took a few weeks ago. It was really helpful, too. =(
  14. Thank you so much Lucy! And YES, fuschia is seriously one of the most beautiful colors Hermes makes IMO! I cannot believe you have only carried it once- is the color versatile enough? What has prevented you from wearing it more??? Or is it because you have too many bags, he he he!!! :P

    Would love to know your thoughts!:flowers:
  15. Lucy....Gorgeous, gorgeous bags!!!!!! I LOVE the Chevre and am using Princess as we speak. I'm telling you, I think my next black bag is DEF going to be in Chevre!!!!!