Clueless on the wet curly style.

  1. Okay, I've stated before in other posts that I've got the worlds most stubborn hair. When I straighten it, it doesn't stay straight. When I curl it, it doesn't stay curly. And when I try to attempt to give it the "wet curly" look it just looks greasy!! YUCK! :throwup: Maybe I'm doing it wrong?? Anyone ever get a great successful wet curly look (if you originally have straightish wavy hair to start with). If you can, can I please have the steps and products you use?? (and a photo if I'm lucky!!) TIA gals! :flowers:
  2. What it sounds like is Jheri curl you are looking for.:lol: Michael J did that during his Thriller :wlae:phase before he became a white woman:push:. I don't know what a "wet curl" is, sorry.
  3. I don't do it anymore, but I remember trying it out a lot in middle school..

    After a shower I put a lot of mousse or some gel that I warmed up in my palm and started at the ends.. flipped my head over and scrunched up. Try that?
  4. yeah, I find that I need a styling cream and a foam/mousse ... I use the aussie catch the wave mouse and redken makes a curl styling cream, 07 ringlet curl perfector. mine is more wavy so I keep my hair in a towel after I put in the stuff until I have to leave the house
  5. yes, and his hair caught on fire from too much product!! :lol::lol:
  6. If you really want to embrace your curls and look beautiful doing it, I'd highly highly recommend the Curly Girl Handbook book by Lorraine Massey. :girlsigh:
  7. Hm, try putting gel in it while wet, and spray it with hairspray while wet too. Dry it using a diffuser. The gel I use is Biolage Gelee.
  8. Man, I've tried like the gel and the hairspray and the hair flipping when when thing.. I think my hair just doesn't want to do it damnit.
  9. Once you came out the shower, wrap your hair in a towel. Squeeze some mousse into your hair, and use the towel to scrunch your hair.

    That might work?

  10. OMG...I think I have the same hair you do. Not curly, not straight, won't do either. I call it a half-assed wave. Nowadays I just spray in some Frizz-Ease curling spray after washing and let it air dry. It (usually) comes out in nice, beachy waves and sometimes even loose curls. Never tried the "wet curly" look, though. I assume gel?
  11. Taken from Wikipedia:

    The Jheri curl (often incorrectly spelled Jerry curl and/or Jeri Curl) is a hairstyle that was common and popular in the African American community in the late 1970s and throughout the 80s. Invented by and named for Jheri Redding, the Jheri Curl gave the wearer a glossy, loosely curled look. It was touted as a "wash and wear" style that was easier to care for than the other popular chemical treatment of the day, the relaxer.
    Application of Curl
    A jheri curl was a two-part application that consisted of a softener (often called a "rearranging cream") to loosen the hair and a solution to set the curls. The rearranging cream used pungent chemicals, causing the naturally tight curls to loosen and hang. The loose hair was then set on perm rods and a chemical solution was then added to the hair to permanently curl it.
    Decline of the Jheri Curl
    Besides the fact that it eventually went out of style, the jheri curl's decline in popularity probably occurred because of the damage it caused to the wearer's hair. Perming the hair was time and labor-intensive and expensive to upkeep. The harsh mix of chemicals required for the process caused the wearer's natural hair to become extremely brittle and dry.
    To maintain the look of the jheri curl, users were required to apply juicy activator and heavy moisturizers daily and to sleep with a plastic cap on their heads to keep the hairstyle from drying out. These products were relatively expensive (a typical bottle of activator was small, retailed anywhere from $3 to $6, and was quickly depleted.) The activator in particular had the undesirable side effect of being very greasy; this would often stain clothing and anything that came into contact with it.
    Washing the hair cleansed it of the styling products but also exposed the damage done to the hair by the chemical process. Also, as the hair grew out, the wearer would be forced to return to the hair salon for a touch-up, further adding to the overall expense. The hairstyle went out of fashion by the early 1990s and was replaced in part with the high top fade haircut.
    Juicy Factor Plastic caps were also necessary during sleep to prevent soiling of sheets, pillow cases and faces. If plastic cap is not worn you will be juicy in the a.m. Plastic caps are to be worn inside only. Direct contact with sunlight is deadly to your activator.
    michael_jackson.jpg images.jpeg
  12. You could try a pomade, too. That might help what you are trying to do
  13. What about those "curling shampoos"
  14. When i used to have longer hair I would use this product ( I can not remember the name of it to save my life,) but all it was was Sea Salt and water mixture. You would have to shake this bottle up so that it mixed together before you would apply it. I would get out of the shower and towel dry my hair, then brush it through, then apply the sea salt stuff and scrunch my hair with the towel. I would let my hair air dry, and it gives it the "just out of the ocean, curly hair look." It looked like "wet waves," but with out the greasy look that scrunching spray and gel gives your hair!

    * also when you straigten your hair are you sparying any product on it to keep it straight? There is this spary called "big and sexy hair sealer," that is great! You spray it on your hair right before and after you finish straighten it, and it makes it stay bone straight. It also depends on the straightner you are using, I use a Chi. They are more expensive but SOO worth it.
  15. thats what i want! beachy waves loose curls things but on the dampish/wet-ish?? not jeri curl. thats TOO much for me. hahaa

    and a bit off topic, but i like how lauren conrads hair is a bit wavey curly.. anyone know how to do that?