Clueless no more

  1. Okay, so these definitely belong in the category "stripper shoes", I'm sure _bella_'s husband would agree. They're a departure from the JC styles I usually like, but the more I look at them the more I like them. I'm pretty sure I saw the same style in the catalog in beige crocodile impression skin, has anyone seen them IRL?

  2. No...haven't seen them, but they are gorgeous. I don't think they look like stripper shoes, i think they look like Louboutins which most strippers can't afford...
  3. ITA with you Jm! :yes: Looks very Louboutin.. I could be very sensitive on certain shoe impressions - but this one is an exception. Very nice.. specially in that texture.. IMO, if in patent, for me it will be Nay.. :nogood:
  4. Oh no, poor man has a reputation and he doesn't know a platform from a stiletto :lol:

    I really like these though. They are subtle and a little less in-your-face than some Louboutins. Of course, being the metal girl that I am, I love the gold the most :p
    the Elazer elaphe snake is also lovely. But......I wish I could do 115mm heels. yikes. I've snapped off 65mm on our Amsterdam cobbled streets. :sad:

    The Idol's on the other hand.... :nogood:
  5. I agree that there's something Louboutinish about them, and as _bella_ said, they're still less in-your-face. I don't care for Louboutins that much, the higher one are too OTT for my taste, and although the the lower ones often are very classic, I like the detailing of JC more. What I would like to add to my closet though is a pair of mid-high Louboutin espadrille wedges.