Clueless: need your help

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  1. Would you consider the Balenciagas to be classics? Something you can confidently wear years from now without feeling trendy?
  2. I think so. I love Balenciaga because unlike other brands they do not have logos on the bag. Very classic but different!
  3. You think the tassles will still be "alright" to wear say, 3 years from now?
  4. I was never attractred to the Balenciagas until a month ago when a friend decided to dispose of a couple from her 14 pc collection! The Twiggy just caught my eye--shape & look plus the gris foncé colour was just something else. And I'm not a grey colour fan. But this shade is beautiful. Just do not want to spend so much for an only-now bag.
  5. well it is pretty surprising they have already lasted this long. isn't it about 5 years now? and going strong...
  6. My husband did not like my Guccis, and he despises my Chanel Cambon reporter. He really likes my BBags because they are elegant, yet not too flashy. He thinks they are kind of hippie chic, which would appeal to him because that's his era.
  7. I like the bags and I'm not super cool. I waited so long to get them because I thought the tassels were too young or trendy looking. They don't seem to hang as much on the city style and I have trimmed them just a tad on a couple of my bags so they wouldn't hang so much. I also have taken them off at times, depending on my mood. I think the tassels are a variable and shouldn't sway you one way or another with the bag.
  8. I like that--"hippie chic." My other concern is the very thin goat leather. I feel like it's gonna rip!
  9. How long have you girls been using your Balenciagas? Who has Twiggys & how do you like them? Yup, they are still going strong after a few years of its debut. So do you think the craze is about to end then?
  10. Basing it on its famous wearers, isn't this bag only being used by the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie & Lindsay Lohan? Anyone "classier" uses these?
  11. Check out the "celebrities and their Balenciagas" section. You'll find a wide range of celebrities of various ages/prestige carrying BBags.
  12. love bbags because they're non-logo-crazed. i don't think whether a bag is a classic or not should have anything to do with any celebrities carrying them. chanel's a classic to many but all the so called 'trashy' celebs are seen carrying's their deep pockets that are paying, not their classiness for hte bags:smile:
  13. Thanks so much for all your feedback. Pls keep them coming while I decide whether or not to get my 1st B! (Twiggy in gris foncé)
  14. Just don't want to pay so much on something that may look so "off" years from now. As I said, I am into long term--not trends.
  15. I've only seen Paris with a Balenciaga once and I believe it belongs to her sister Nicky. I think the others you mentioned really only carry them because stylists tell them to. But yes, I've definitely seen more classier people wear Balenciaga.