Clueless husband needs help!!!

  1. I am in way over my head! My lovely wife has subtly hinted on several occasions that she would love a Chanel purse. As Christmas is approaching, I am interested in getting her one. My problem: I know about as much about purses as many of you do about pneumatic nail guns (though some of you know a lot, I'd suspect).

    At any rate. all she has said is that she wants a "Chanel quilted bag." I'm assuming it's an evening/formal bag, and I'd also assume it would be the most "classic" bag (i.e. the one that jumps to your minds when you hear "Chanel quilted bag").

    I want this to be a surprise so asking her for details is out of the question. Can anyone point me towards the most likely candidates? I would assume I'd try to purchase this at NM or Saks, as there is no way I'm competent to try an eBay purchase, etc.

    Any help greatly appreciated, and if this works, you may soon have another member for the forum. Thanks!!

    That is as classic as you can get.

    Let me go find pictures for you...
  3. [​IMG]
    Classic Caviar Jumbo Flap in White (thanks Sheana).
  4. [​IMG]
    Black jumbo (left) and medium classic flap.
  5. The bag on the left is called the GST (Grande Shopping Tote). This is probably the most classic quilted tote style that Chanel makes. It's more of a day bag.

    Generally, the GST is for day.
    Jumbo: Pretty big, so some would say it's only a day bag. I think it can be worn day/night though.
    Medium/Large (same thing) classic flap: Most would say it's a night bag.


    I urge you to buy the bags before Nov 1st, as the prices are increasing dramatically on that date.
  6. get it before nov. 1 b/c there is going to be a HUGE increase!
  7. Awesome. Don't show my wife the dog picture. One is enough for me!
  8. Thanks for the tip on price increase. Is this a bag routinely available at NM or Saks?
  9. Yes, they are easy to come by. BTW - you're a great husband!
  10. Hello, would you mind telling us how tall is your wife? and is she an active person ?
  11. Since these are all classic bags and not seasonal, they're always ordered and they should have them at NM and Saks. Even if your local NM/Saks doesn't have the specific color you want to get for your wife, they can always do a charge send and have the bag shipped from another store to you.

    The white flap may be slightly harder to find since not all stores/boutiques order white during the winter season. All in all though, the classic flaps aren't limited. It's only red that's extremely limited, or the reissues but that's a whole different story...
  12. PS - if you're going to get your wife a flap, do get it in caviar. It's much more durable and is much more worry-free than the lambskin (which is also more expensive).
  13. First: thanks! What great info. Fun forum. Too bad I'm not into purses.

    She's 5'5". Yes, quite active, although I think she's thinking of this mainly as a "going out at night" bag, not a daily schlep to carpool bag.

    Color wise, I think I'd do black for her first, so that should be easy.

    Thanks for the caviar tip: I would never have known.
  14. If it's her very first Chanel, get her a black Jumbo Timeless classic flap in caviar leather, or black medium/large Timeless classic flap, you could choose according to her height and lifestyle to be safe. There are silver or gold hardwares, silver more trendy, gold is more classic, both are equally gorgeous.

    Since I like flaps, I am suggesting a flap; but if you think she is a more tote person, you could get her a tote (petite shopping tote or grand shopping tote) which also come in caviar and the same hardware...

    They are all quilted
  15. LOL "too bad I'm not into purses". That made me laugh out loud. :lol:

    That being said, I think you should get her the Medium/Large Classic Flap in Caviar. :yes: There is also a choice of silver or gold hardware. Some people are really picky about the color of the hardware, so try taking a look at her jewelry to see what she likes.