Clueless about Paddingtons

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  1. Okay, I am looking at the Chloe Paddingtons and I have what may seem like a crazy question.
    When you carry this bag do you always keep the lock in the center and put the flaps down or do you leave one flap up?
    For instance, with Birkins or Kellys, I see a lot of people put the lock off to the side somewhere on a buckle that attaches to the handle- that way you don't keep the bag locked all the time and can easily access things.
    Since the lock on the Paddington is heavier, do you just leave one flap out and keep the lock closed in the center?
    What is the correct way to carry this bag, if you want to access something easier? Am I just way too perfectionistic and concerned over nothing?
    I know we have a team of experts-so I am asking for your assistance.
  2. I leave the lock closed, neither zipper flap locked in. This way I can just flip the lock back and get into my bag and this way the lock is purely decorative
  3. Thanks, I've been waiting for an answer!!
    I saw one like that on one of the threads about the colors about 1 hour ago.
  4. I put one of the zip tabs on so the padlock rubs less on the loop panel. I leave the other zip tab open so I can just unzip my bag on that side!
  5. Ditto that. Works for me but I have to use my small wallet. I can use a bigger clutch wallet in there as well, but a bit more cumbersome to get it in and out.
  6. I do that too... actually I've started leaving the whole thing open with one tab on the padlock loop for protection but the zipper on that side isn't zipped up - just free. In some of the 'star' photos I've seen them leave the whole thing open with the lock hanging backwards exposing the inside plate instead. Looks nice lots of ways!
  7. Hey that's a great idea! Now I can have complete access, just flap the lock back and viola. Ehh.. dunno why I didn't even think of that, lol!:shame::biggrin: Now I can use my big ol clutch wallet!
  8. I did the "squeeze" for a few weeks too! :P
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