Clueless about makeup....need wedding day help!

  1. So I'm getting married in exactly 7 weeks - yikes! - and I have no idea what to do with my face. My makeup routine consists of moisturizer, gel blush stick (Tarte), and eyeliner (Chanel "Graphite") in bottom rim of my eyes.

    This is fine for everyday, but I don't know what to do for my wedding. I have never used foundation and the times I have gone to a makeup counter for help they cake so much on despite me asking them to please go light. I even once tried tinted moisturizer and felt gross with it on and had to wash it off, I just really can't stand anything on my face, it all feels heavy. Basically, I just want something to even out my skin so it looks flawless but not cakey. I love that dewy (NOT oily) look and foundation, powder, etc usually takes away that look, right?

    I would go to someone to do my makeup but they're going to put on too much and I want to look like my usual self on that day, just a little prettier and more polished.

    Can anyone suggest a simple look that consists of something to even out skin tone? Your favorite LIGHT foundation? THANKS!!!!:smile:
  2. hmmm, light foundation.

    My favourite light foundation has to be
    MAC Studio Mist Foundation (sprays on sooooo lightly) blend it well with a brush and you're perfect
    better still, I find that Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser is really great. It's perfectly light and evens out my skin tone, I have a lot of "red patches" but they just disappear with this.
    Maybe go into LM and ask them to test it on you first? Or maybe even get a sample before buying :smile:
  3. My Maid of Honor's mother worked in an exclusive boutique and one of her friends offered to do my makeup and all of my bridesmaids. If I had one piece of advice, it would be to do this. Everyone looked in sync with each other. I had one friend who wore a lot of make-up and one who wouldn't even wear mascara. It was just a really good idea.
  4. I agree with going with a professional. That way you and your girls will look consistent. Also, remember that your makeup should be different on your wedding day because of the photography - what you think is natural may end up looking washed out in pictures. I rarely wear makeup so I didn't get that theory until I took some test pictures with my photographer and she was right! A professional artist (you may have to try several) will know how to make you look natural in real life, but also look good in your photographs. Good luck!
  5. If you go the route of a professional, you should be able to do a test run first. My sister did this, and they put so much on that she looked like she had a messed up face lift. She ended up doing her own makeup on her wedding day, haha.

    But if you go to a reputable place, explain that you don't usually wear much makeup and that you want a pretty natural look. Have them test it out on you. You definitely want more makeup than usual (as mentioned, for pictures and whatnot, plus you want to look dressier than you would normally), but you shouldn't look like a clown, either. Have a few people come with you; they might give you a more honest reaction (just because YOU think it's a lot, they might not think it looks like too much). Good luck!
  6. good advice so far, thanks!
  7. i definitely vote for having someone else do your makeup (and doing a test run). you'll be stressed enough....and if you don't normally wear a lot of makeup, this is not the time to try to learn. heck...i wear makeup every day and love playing with it...i wouldn't have dreamed of trying to do my own. :smile:

    i also agree with everyone saying you need more on for it to show up in pictures/standing up in front of a might not feel like yourself, but you will look like yourself. try cutting out pictures of looks you like. also, try wearing your test run makeup all day just to get used to it. resist the urge to wash it gets easier to wear with time.

    congratulations and good luck!
  8. ITA! You will also want to trial run any make up you use before your big day - I'm sensitive and if I try to use hotel soaps or products, there's a GOOD chance I'll break out or get a rash on my vacation!

    I say decide on your face first. :yes:

    * Fresh? Try Laura Mercier.
    * Deep colours (good for evening) & sultry? Try Chanel.
    * Natural and sheer? Try Bobbi Brown.
    * Daring , cutting edge? Go Dior.
    * Deep colours (good for evening) & young? Lancome rocks.
    * Sensitive skin, light touch? Try Clinique.

    There are countless others but these are mid-range and well reviewed for the most part. Go in to a counter during OFF HOURS, thats key, and tell a girl you want a pretty ______ face for a party, and that you don't know much about makeup.

    Not only will she show you colours until you are happy, wiping them off if they don't work, and showing you how to apply, she'll analyze your skin for a good DAILY RITUAL before your big day to keep you fresh, clear, and glowing underneathe.

    Tada! Glowing skin, great application, very complimentary colours! Just know ahead of time how much you can spend and allow a little more for those items you WILL need... and have a great time!! :heart:
  9. Makeup counters at nice boutique or department stores always offer to do free makeovers, they listen to your instructions/preferences, and they do a nice job. :smile:AND it's free! (Unless you end up buying a lot of their products.) ;)