CLUELESS about LV... help!

  1. I am pretty clueless compared to most other PF'ers about LV. :confused1:
    I actually did not really care for LV (SORRY, SORRY!!! :sweatdrop:) Until I saw the Damier Speedy (in both colors--- can't wait for azur to come out!:drool:) and the Min Lin Speedy :love: and now I am thinking I may have to purchase them!

    But, I was reading that the Min Lin bags aren't "coated?" :crybaby: What exactly is the coating? Is this bad?

    Also, is LV a bag I can take out in any weather and not really worry about it? I dont want to throw it down in the mud :wtf:--- but it would be nice to have a bag I don't have to worry about rain/snow ruining.

    If you have anything else to add that I SHOULD know about LV-- enlighten me! :yes:
  2. Some one else must know more regarding the mini lin, but to my knowledge, it is not a coated or protected material, it is like cloth. I believe it is similar in textile to the mini monogram bags of previous seasons. The damier speedy will be a nice bag for all weather. You cannot ruin any vachetta bc there is no vachetta to ruin! Plus, consider the canvas, which is very durable, and the dark colors are lenient/will not show dirts. This will coordinate with many outfits! I think the Azur damier will be trimmed with vachetta so this naked type leather will be easily soiled by water spots in rainy weather. Tradicional damier holds up much better.

    Good luck with your descisions, happy shopping, welcome to loving LV!
  3. ^^ yeah that's what I've read about mini lin too, if you're wanting an all-weather bag, do not go for mini lin!

    DEFINITELY damier for all-weather, holds up wonderfully. So does epi...its waterproof, I'm pretty sure, and holds up amazingly well...I have a vintage epi petit noe from 1992 and it still looks would not think its that old...
  4. Damier Speedy is great for all weather - and hot chocolate spills!

  5. Mandarin epi is good when the waitress slops a pitcher of beer on the bag.:nuts:
  6. The mini lin bags are adorable aren't they? i think I might make that my next purchase. I'm afraid of how it's gonna hold up though because it's not coated with anything