clueless about eyeliner

  1. ok i dont know anything about make up. im just learning about it and well kinda a tom boy
    so any info would be helpful
    am i suppost to put eyeshadow on first or eyeliner?
    how do i get my make up like this pic?
    heres a couple pics of makeup i like
    im fair complected with brwn eyes and black hair if it helps
    thanx in advance
    adrianaliner00030010001cd1.jpg adriana1225lr.jpg alimaeyez1024.jpg lima.jpg
  2. I , too, love this look !!! It gives you cat´s eyes...
    There are different ways of achieving this, more or less smokey(<-Like on the last photo you are showing).-My english is probably gonna suck here-

    The numbers are refering to the 2nd attached picture

    STEP 1-You start with lining around your eye, on the top lid as close as possible to the lashes. From inner corner of eye to the outer corner.(4)
    And the same on the bottom lid on top of lashes and inside.(5) Use a sharp khol pencil. You can leave as it is for a sharp lined effect.(Imagine like in the first attached picture without the greyish gradient, only the black)

    STEP 2-Use a black or dark grey eye shadow, and a quite precise eye shadow brush. Repeat the same lining around your eye top lid and under lid. On the top lid you can go a little outwards after the end of the eye.(towards 3). As you can also see on the first picture.
    It will naturally be a bit more smudgy this time.

    STEP 3- Blend a little,from the closest of the eye towards outside on the top lid, like to do a gradient.(2)

    STEP 4 -If you need to make it darker, add some black pencil or eye shadow again on the outer corner of your eye and blend (4)....If you think this is too dramatic you can either blend it with finger(and take off the excess on the way) or add a silver or beige eye shadow on top to soften the look.(2 and 7) And it´s nice to have a beige eye shadow just under the eyebrow (1)

    Train at home and don´t scared the key is blend, blend, blend, gradient....from inner black to outwards grey and natural skin.
    12.jpg 23.jpg
  3. Wow that's helpful! I'm girly but don't put a lot of make up on.. Well, that's a big help! Thanks a lot!
  4. You can also go on and search for "makeup tutorial" ... there are a bunch of them from different users. I find some of them very useful as I am also still learning about makeup.
  5. Hey that makeup tutorial is great! - thanks for the tip
  6. Here's how I do it:

    Step 1: moisturize the eye area by patting, do not pull or tug the delicate skin

    Step 2: Apply concealer in several small dots under your eyes. Pat to take out blue-ish tones. (Apply some concealer to the top lid to act as a base if you do not use an eyeshadow base)

    Step 3: I use a creamy waterproof eyeshadow base on my top lid so that there's something for the eyeshadow to cling onto and to prevent running/smudging

    Step 4: use a black eyeliner/kohl to rim the eyes.
    On the top, run the liner as close to the lashes as possible (squiggle the pencil into the lashes) from the inner corner of your eyes to the outter where you can extend the line a bit further to create 'cat eyes'. You can also use the liner to go 1-2mm above your natural lash line. I prefer a slightly blunt tip as opposed to a sharp one because the latter HURTS! lol
    On the bottom, line from the inner to outter corners of your eye but I must warn you that if you have Asian eyes like me, do NOT line the inner lashline (ie the fleshy skin closest to your eyeball) because it will make your eyes look even smaller. Instead, line slightly below or at the lash line but don't go any further toward the eyeball... kwim? (some people will also use a greyish white liner to line the inner lower lashes and make the eyes 'pop'... I don't like this cuz I think it's a bit tacky looking imo)

    Step 5: use a black eyeshadow sponge tip applicator (brushes tend to be harder to deal with, but you can try them once you have more experience. For me, I use both lol) to go around your eyes. Remember to NOT pick up too much shadow. It's better to go slower and apply in layers so that if you make a major mistake, it's easier to fix. Yup all about layering and blending now.

    Step 6: in pic 3, it seems like they perked up her brow bones with a pearlish shadow. If you would like to do this there are 2 ways. I personally (1) start off with step 3 by applying my shimmery eyeshadow base all the way up to my brow bone. (2) Then after finishing step 4, I come back to the brow bones again to "define" the black smokey gradient cuz black shows errors and if there are any uneven patches of black eyeshadow, you can use a pearly white, cream, beige (actually I use a very light purple lol) shadow to fix the mistake. Here, I recommend a brush that doesn't pick up too much of the shadow cuz you want to highlight the brow bones, not blind people with shimmer lol.

    Step 7: Curl lashes

    Step 8: Add false eyelashes if you wish (I recommend the 'cluster' type and not an entire strand of fake lashes....)

    Step 9: Mascara

    Step10: Eye cleanup!!! That's right, use a Qtip and lightly roll+glide it under your eyes to pick up any loose eyeshadow that fell during the application. (actually for me, throughout all these steps, I take a piece of tissue, fold it in a lil square and press it under my eyes with my left hand to catch all the falling particles)

    PS: if you wear contact lenses, put them on before doing your eyes.

    PPS: do NOT attempt to use only a black eyeliner to save time/cost because it will run and smudge in an OH-SO-NOT-SEXY way lol (I laugh cuz it reminds me of my friend back in highschool...but I am totally serious at the same time!!!) ***AVOID at all cost***

    Good luck:biggrin:
  7. Great website! Thanks for posting. :smile: