Clueless about Chanel! Help!

  1. Hello all you Chanel Experts! I love and have tons of beautiful bags but have never wanted a Chanel... till now!!!!!

    My problem in that I know NOTHING about it at all... No clue which the classics are, what the different kinds are, how much they should cost.. nothing!
    Please please help!

    If I want to buy only one or two right now, which wont go out of style soon, which one should it be? why? can you put up pictures? do you know any website where i can learn more?

    I know I'm asking for a lot but i really am clueless and dont even have a Chanel store in my city...
  2. best thing to do to start is by looking through our Reference LIbrary:yes:
    95% of Chanel purses are classic/timeless, it's hard to list them as there's literally hundreds of them.
    There's no better place on the internet than right here to learn about them or see photos w/ prices.
    Get started in the Reference Library, get a feel for what you think you may like and let us know so we can help!
  3. If you're looking for a classic Chanel, get a flap! I love the Jumbo caviar. :yes:
  4. thanks missisa07! i looked at the reference library and this is the one i liked the most.. not really ready for a regular quilted Chanel yet.. is it just called a flap? how much does it retail for and what materials do you get it in?
  5. She's referring to a Classic Flap, they're quilted about 95% of the time and they come in a lot of different sizes and leathers, exotics and fabrics.
    A classic Chanel usually = quilting:yes:
    If you want classic but no quilting maybe you can describe more of what exactly you're looking for{?}
    Or look through more of the Library, there's a thread just for the classics in there.