1. Question, what kind of bags do you girls use to go clubbing? Clutches? Shoulder bags? Handbags? What size? ALSO the most important question is, where do you put it while dancing and stuffffff?
  2. My Chanel mini messenger:
  3. Wow, thats gorgeous, I like how its a messenger so it stays with you all the time!
  4. Thank you.:flowers:
  5. I tend to take a smaller bag, usually an evening bag or clutch. Like 9x5 or smaller. It really depends on what I wear. I bring contact lens case, phone, lip balm, lip gloss (if I am wearing any), mints, money, id, credit cards
  6. usually when i go clubbing, i always wear pants. so i can put my cell phone, mints, cigarettes and i put my money, cards and id in my lv MC cles.
  7. I almost always carry a clutch, or a continental wallet, in the evening, wherever I go. :yes:
  8. I use my LV mono pochette - it fits the essentials under my arm, and since it's canvas, can wipe clean in case someone spills a drink on it!
  9. For clubbibng, either nothing, a wristlet (enough to hold a digicam and my IDs and cards) or a small shoulder bag.
  10. I usually take my Prada nylon evening bag. It’s small and easy to clean in case someone spills something on it.
  11. I bring a wrislet....:smile:
  12. I never take out nice purses when I go to bars or clubs. Alcohol and expensive things are never a good combination. I've lost purses, stained purses, broken phones, all due this bad mixture. I suggest a wristlet clutch that is large enough to hold essentials but that you could live without. I have a brown coach clutch that is larger and more circular then their wristlets and clasps at the top, but it has the leather band to use as a wristlet. It works really well and everyone always thinks it's cute. Umm, it's not on the website, because got it a while ago, but any coach store can order it since it's signature style.
  13. I used to take clutches or wristlets, but I inevitably would lose them. A larger bag, like a Chanel 2.55, is ideal for me. I can keep it on my shoulder, or check it... but the second I put it down, I'll never remember to pick it up again! Very bad.
  14. My LV pochette (nearly always), Dior saddle pouch(sometimes) or Gucci pochette (sometimes).
  15. LV wapity - it's awesome. It holds my ID, cell phone, chapstick, cash, and house key - it's perfect for nights I know I'll be wasted because I leave it on my wrist :P Of course those sloppy nights have left the strap a little cosmo-covered lol :P