1. OMG, so i went thru all five pages of the LV clubhouse forum, and realized there was no Club for the Rosewood! :wtf: As this bag was my first LV bag, I feel it's my duty to give it its own thread here in the clubhouse! :smile: LOL So please everyone post your pics of this gorgeous bag!!

    Here is a pic of my Rosewood in the sunlight, along with matching cles, the day after I got her :love:

    Me modeling the bag (excuse the dorky smile, lol)

    In my living room (geez, i can't get over this color in the sunlight!)
  2. omg! I love that bag. If I ever get an Amarante it will be a rosewood.
  3. Hi,

    Looks great ! can't wait to own one myself. Can post a pic of you modeling the bag, pls ? thanks !
  4. That is stunning!
  5. Here's my Rosewood in Amarante!
    IMG_3536.JPG IMG_3538.JPG IMG_3537.JPG IMG_3539.JPG
  6. ^ gorgeous! love the Koala too!!
  7. Here's my rosewood in amarante ...
    amar1.jpg amar2.jpg rose2.jpg
  8. ^awesome! lvoe the speedy keyring too, and the other charm.

    hm, it seems like this bag in Amarante is very popular! :biggrin:
  9. Thanks, actually that "other charm" is a Coach phone accesory attached to my cell ... LOL!
  10. Hmm.. I told myself I will never post my picts in this forum because I feel kind of SHY. This place is really good for information.... ha ha. But Sweetneet has been really sporting and just for this little little club and the fact that the rosewood is really really my first vernis piece after so many purchases of LV are my picts just before I went to work (not really well taken due to the lighting in my room):shame:

    OUCH! don't laugh. I kick two small dents accidentally at the bottom of my rosewood with my shoes...trying to balance and take these pictures. really not good at it. HA HA. I :heart: my rosewood.
    Rosewood.jpg Rosewood MP1.jpg Rosewood MP2.jpg
  11. ^^I am loving those shoes...nice Rosewood too. :smile:
  12. Beautiful! I would love a Rosewood in Amarante :smile:.
  13. Wow, this color just comes to life in the sunlight! it sure doesn't look like that in the store...
  14. ^yeah. it often looks more like the pic in my sig when not hit w/ direct sunlight. nevertheless gorgeous though. :smile:
  15. Here is my Pomme Rosewood