Club Onatah!

  1. When I first got mine so many months ago, I decided that Marc Jacobs is a genius. :yes:

    My Onatah GM in mais:


    Anyone else have one of these beauties? :girlsigh:
  2. Me, me, me! :yahoo: I have the PM
    Picture 033.jpg
  3. I have the orange GM.

    orange louis.jpg
  4. what do u guys think of the colour rubbing off? what would be the best colour to get to prevent the colour rubbing? thanks a lot
  5. I have not had that problem yet.
  6. Oooo, the PM is so cute, icechick. After seeing bagnshoofetish orange, I think I might want one in orange, too!

    Re: color transfer, I haven't had that problem either, but I'm pretty careful with my bag when I'm using it and tend not to wear it with jeans or white shirts on humid days.

  7. Ladies, your Onatahs are GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  8. I second that! :yes: :heart: :love: I could stare at those pics all day!:drool:
  9. I was waiting for my leather Onatah to post here, and now I can officially join the club:nuts: :heart: Here are my Onatah "sisters" , Suede Onatah Pochette and Leather Onatah GM
    Picture 002.jpg Picture 004.jpg Picture 007.jpg
  10. Suede Onatah Fleur PM in yellow and Leather Onatah GM in Aubergine

  11. suweena, your onatahs are gorgeous beyond belief. i love the pics you took. and you wear that onatah very nicely
  12. Sophia, you are so sweet. :flowers:

    Thank you!
  13. :yahoo: :yahoo: I am finally part of the club! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Soon as I get my digital camera back I will be posting pics like a mad woman! :supacool:
  14. I thought I would revive this club as I'm loving my Onatah GM, so here are the sisters:
  15. Your Onatahs are stunning. I just love the shape.

    Here's my Moka Onatah.
    Kopie von Onatah mit Blitz.jpg