Club Monaco Sample Sale?


Jan 5, 2009
Racked.ny picked up on a blogger's account of a Club Monaco sample sale on near 12th Ave. Has anyone been to this? Is it for real? There is no mention in NY Mag, so I am wondering if this is some April Fools joke? If anyone has been (or has heard anything about it), I'd appreciate the info.


Nov 4, 2006
I actually just came back from it- not a joke at all! Every thing is quite disorganized in terms of sizes, so there's lots of digging to be had. But there's alot plenty of deals to go around, especially if you're a size 2-6 or s-m in women, or 40/ medium in mens. They lowered the prices while I was there too, so I made it out like a bandit! Unfortunately the clothing size isn't in my range, but I still found a silk skirt that I will tailor- $6, a black tshirt from jil sander (don't ask how it got there)- $6, a plaid scarf -$2, 3 necklaces at $5 each, 3 headbands and a leather cardholder all at $2 each. My total- $35!!!

fyi- just be careful with anything you plan to buy because there are ALOT of damaged items. They are open from 9 to noon tomorrow! Maybe more markdowns??

Also, there are no mirrors, so bring a friend if you're undecisive, and it's CREDIT CARDS only!
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