club monaco in thailand?

  1. hi everyone, does anybody knows that is there any "club monaco" boutique in thailand? what about siam paragon?:confused1: TIA;)
  2. they don't list any in thailand on their website. hong kong, south korea, taiwan and dubai are the only international locations listed (outside of canada and the US)
  3. when i was in phuket, i didn't see a single franchise store....
  4. Nope. Here's the link to Siam Paragon store directory: Siam Paragon Directory.

    If you're interested in luxury brands, you should definitely check out Gaysorn Plaza, Emporium, and Erawan. I used to live in Thailand so you can ask me if you have any questions.
  5. i'm pretty certain they don't. i used to work part-time at club monaco. they recently opened a nice, 2 level store in Myung Dong shopping district in Seoul.
  6. sign...:push: then that means i have to fly to hong kong or taiwan which are nearest to my country to buy their clothing if i see something that i like:sweatdrop: thanks siworae;)
  7. hfxshopgirl, i saw that in their website as well. but i thought i saw their boutique in siam paragon... my mistake :p

  8. thanks breakfast lover, that's very nice of you :flowers: yeah! i love to go shopping in thailand... but was looking at this particular brand as they don't have any store in my country. thought if thailand have it then i can go and shop there since i go bkk quite often. too bad...:sad: