Club Monaco Handbags: Quality?

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  1. I need an "in-between" bag...Something that I can wear while I save for my LV Cabas Piano.:shame: :lol:

    I saw a Club Monaco leather satchel in a magazine and I love the shape, but I have no idea about the quality. The price is great...and perfect for a person saving for a dream bag. Still, I want it to be kind of nice. Has anyone ever bought or touched one of their bags? If so, what did you think?
  2. I bought one a few years ago, it was with very soft leather, ok quality. Unfortunately, it only lasted a few months becuase it was in cream/ivory colour, so it become really worn up quickly. But I still think it can be a great transitional bag.
  3. I agree. I like how a lot of their leather bags are very stylish and versatile.

    Kinda going off the tangent here, but BCBG is another brand that you can think about... :lol:
  4. I don't normally buy nylon bags, but Club Monaco has got a very cute nylon bag this season. Nice styling.
  5. Their leather bags are really great quality...I've bought a couple and they've lasted for years. They're great for those 'don't want to ruin my good ones' days...
  6. not sure about the quality, i've never bought one. did you see the one for this season that looks kind of chloe inspired?