Club Monaco Friends & Family??

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  1. Does anyone know when Club Monaco is having their friends and family discount? I though it was usually around back to school shopping.
  2. I'd like to know too. Can't wait to stock up on some fall clothes from there!
  3. SAME HERE!! bump~
  4. From looking at past years, it will probably be in November
  5. Does anyone have additional info on this? Or does anyone have a printable coupon/code for CM? Thanks!
  6. patiently waiting till november i guess.
  7. the family and friends event is actually on right now.

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  8. thanx...been waiting for this one
  9. oo thanks!!!!!
  10. i've been waiting for this too! Thanks so much.
  11. vickiness - Thank you soooo much for posting this!!! It's great to be able to get the Club Monaco fall gear on sale now rather than in November...yay!!!! :yahoo:

    Off to re-arrange my plans for the day, LOL...
  12. aaaahh. I JUST left the mall! oh well. I'll save myself some money.
  13. they have really cute looks on their site!
  14. is there an online code for this?
  15. ^^ they don't have an online shop!

    printed my coupon today but didn't end up buying anything!