Club Monaco Friends & Family Sept 7-9

  1. 25% off regular, 10% of sale items. Enjoy!
  2. Thank you! I've actually been waiting for this! :p
  3. Can we just bring in the print out? Thanks sooo much for posting!
  4. Thanks so much for posting:smile:
  5. Yay!
  6. thanks! i'm wondering whether they'll accept it...worth a try!
  7. ^^^
    me too! Anyone who tries please post an update.
  8. you rock! I just found a gift card with some $$ left over and was going to stop by there tomorrow - now I have even more reason to :tup:
  9. oh and this pic can be printed out and taken to the store - they'll accept it no question!
  10. t4p~!
  11. perfect..thank you..and can use it in here,Toronto :smile:
  12. Yes, you can print out the coupon and bring it to the store :okay:.
  13. thanks so much for posting...