Club MOCA!

  1. They have some on eBay...there's GM size listed for $4500 or best offer.. I was like :tdown:
  2. Damn !!! Pre-own on that price ?? No thanks !
    Lol that's my daughter almost a year tuition !
    I'll survive ;) it's really pretty !!!

    Thank u !!!
  3. Here are my SLG's.
  4. I know ... and I wonder if prices will continue to spiral upwards. I had one of the GMs checked by Addy - its brand new and comes with the coin purse. Any with lower prices seem to be used or questionable. I'm pretty sure a fake one sold recently for over $1600! I really want it!!!! Do you like yours? Do you USE it or is it packed away as an "investment"?
  5. Hi, It is a very beautiful bag...the detailing is amazing with all the colors and's definitely eye catching..I use mine very little for I don't want it to be too worn out because it's a limited edition piece and therefore i wouldn't want to fork up another crazy amount of $ for another one..One is enough for me :smile:
  6. I just took another look at a GM in a consignment store in Atlanta. Its less than half the price of these new ones on Ebay and has a 14 day money back guarantee ...I've had addy check 2 so far so I think I know what to look for .... I don't plan to use 100% of the time, especially the GM size, but now I will feel like I'm allowed to use it. Plus I just can't make my fingers work to pay these inflated prices. I remember the Beanie baby and Cabbage Patch doll craze LOl I'm showing my age
  7. To all MOCA lucky owners:
    Couple of the lining of the pocket shiny/ plasticky feeling?
    Are the cinching straps thinner than other Neverfulls? It just feels so different than my MM
  8. How do to spot a fake moca neverfull???
  9. Hi all, recently I brought a moca neverfull online was wondering if anyone can tell me how to tell if its a fake or real thing?? It has date code SP4057...