Club MOCA!

  1. Post all your MOCA items here: (agendas, Neverfulls and Ronds)!

    These are from my MOCA trip over the weekend...
    MM on the left is my mom's, PM in the middle belongs to a friend who asked me to buy an item for her and the Rond and MM on the right are mine! :love:
  2. You lucky girl! ugh. I seriously want the GM and rond but do NOT want to pay the 2k$+ on eBay. Ugh.
  3. Ugh I know. And the GM's are sold out at the boutique now, several people wanted to buy them but they were gone.
  4. omg! i loveeeeeeeee the pm and the rond. i want to check out moca PRONTO to get the rond and the mc agenda (which hopefully is still avail)
  5. Here's my MM and Mono Agenda (I have yet to see them though; these are the pics my mom emailed me after she went and got them!)
    1a.jpg 2a.jpg 3a.jpg
  6. Congrats kimalee!!

    tarabag-they definitely still have the Rond, but the MC agendas are sold out. They have them on display but won't sell them.
  7. Here's my neverfull hands MM and rond.
    hands1.jpg hands2.jpg hands3.jpg hands5.jpg hands4.jpg
  8. ^Love it! Looks like a lot of people got the same combo hehe.
    I wish they would have put the little MOCA guy on something besides an agenda, I wanted something with him on it!
  9. Ok these count too lol. I also got a mug but I think my mom swiped it...(it was the one with the multicolored DOB's on it). If I find it again, I'll post a pic of it, it's really cute! Oh ya, that and the big book too.
    By the way, the flower pillow is reversible, one side is smiling, the other is sleeping.
    100_9989.JPG 100_9997.JPG 100_9992.JPG 100_9996.JPG
  10. The pillow and flower pin (?) is SOOOOO adorable. May I ask how much they are? Thanks for sharing the pictures:tup:
  11. Thanks! The pillow was $49 and the smaller flower pin/charm was $8.25.
  12. ^^
    I love the pink pillow! I wanted to get one but my DH talked me out of it since I bought the Neverfull MM! Aargh!!
  13. Thanks! It's SO adorable. You should go back to get one since you sold the Neverfull. :graucho:
  14. oh how i envy u all girls....
    i wich i could join this club soon :sad:
  15. ^me too
    hopefully by this saturday hehe