Club Galliera!

  1. My PM was delivered it!
  2. Ok, I'm officially a member. Yay!!!!:yahoo:
    Galliera 073.JPG Galliera 067.JPG Galliera 082.JPG Galliera 083.JPG Galliera 059.JPG
  3. My PM shipped today...I should be "officially" in on Tuesday!
  4. oh yay!!!! thank you!!!! and i "know" you have more beautiful pics.....come on~;):heart::yes:
  5. ^^ :nuts::sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  6. :graucho::graucho::graucho:;)
  7. I looked at the bag yesterday in person and just love it- I was originally torn between Tivoli gm, Monty pm and the Gallieria pm, but now it will be the Gallieria (after rigorous savings!!). Some observations I made: The inside pocket is big enough to hold the Koala wallet-without problems but wouldn`t be big enough for anything bigger.
    I could put put my things into the bag to try it out, and I could fit into it: wallet, medium agenda, big paperback, mobile, pochette (was filled with lots of make up, handcream and other things) big keyring. I could close the magnetic snap and it hold! But it would be hard to put more into it, maybe a couple of little things. But even open it felt secure because of the opening right under my arm.
    The Gallieria gm was really big- and I could get my macbook pro into it-had to put it in upward (opening otherwise to tight) but inside could put it around and still had plenty of room and could close the magnetic closure-great alternative for traveling!
  8. I just got a PM too! LV MC is my least favourite range but when I saw the ads a few mths back, I couldnt stop thinking about it! Love it!
  9. Hello girls - I'm happy to have found you all - finally someone who will understand my obsession. I ordered my Galliera PM and it should be here Tuesday. I don't usually like open tops, but this one seems to fit so well on the shoulder, I don't think it will matter. I also think this hobo style looks a little more casual (as much as an LV can) and will get a LOT of use!
  10. I got my PM and absolutely love it. I love hobo bags and the alcantara lining is a bonus!
  11. I just got the GM yesturday...luv it:love:
  12. Okay, I'm totally loving this bag! I love how slouchy it seems! Hopefully I'll get a chance to see it this weekend and maybe even bring it home! I'm a sucker for any bag with a single shoulder strap!
  13. I got mine last week 04-1-08 I called my local LV boutique and put it on hold. When I saw in person and saw how light weight and a definite eye catcher I was sold. I like the fact its a wide single strap and will stay on the shoulder comfortably. :smile:
  14. This is a beautiful bag. I may have to join this club...................
  15. may have to!!!:graucho: we can use it as a diaper bag!!!!:tup::heart: