Club Blondie!!!!!-

  1. Per your request!
    Here is your new sticky for ALL BLONDIE FANS.......HAVE FUN!
  2. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!! We have out own little club!! Thanks HM!!! Super idea!

    Shall we start by introducing ourselves....also, why do you like Blondies?

    I'm Anne and I live in Chicago. I've been a speech therapist for a suburban school district for 18 years and been married for 13. We have one son who is 11. I love my job alot. I work w. kids w/ a variety of special education issues.

    I first fell in love w/ Blondies when thry first came out, but my finances just could not support then when my son was younger. I finally acquired my first 2 this past October from another tPF member Rondafaye. I have the shoulder flap styles in both white and caramel. I'd love a black hobo, but I'm also really startin' to loooove the bowler. I just love the style and the beautiful colors. I don't think another designer bag looks as sophisticated as the Blondie....

  3. BTW.....Thanks Jill!!!!! :heart::heart:

  4. Thanks Jill!! :flowers:

    Anne, you are just too cute and your flaps are TDF!!! :heart:

    I'll introduce myself too to help get things started! ;) I'm Sharon, I live in Toronto, and I am ridiculously bag-obsessed! I don't have a blondie yet, but I have my very first one on its way to me as we speak and I'm super excited! It's the white blondie bowler. :yahoo: I first fell in love with blondies when aaallabama and BooYah got theirs and I've been searching for one ever since! It took a while, but with the help of some extremely sweet PFers who helped me along the way (aaallabama, BooYah, windycityaj, Blkladylaw, jadecee), I'm finally the proud owner of my very own blondie! :tender:
  5. I'm devastated!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:my heart is broken! I can't believe I missed the black one....Oh hurts so bad!:crybaby:
  6. BTW, Thanks Jill, U rock!
  7. what about me?:blah:
  8. Aaawww HM...was that the black blondie you were looking for? :sad: Another will pop up...don't worry...we'll all keep an eye out for ya! :yes: ;)

    LOL!!! :roflmfao: I seem to remember a certain blondie hobo we both went for...LOL...KIDDING! Wow...that was sooooooooo long ago!!! :lol: You've certainly been helpful too HM...especially in being an inspiration - you with your avatar staring me in the face all day every day! :p ;)
  9. Don't worry HM....another black one will come your way soon!

  10. :crybaby:............OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sad.....:sad:....I can't believe I missed the black one.....I can't let it go.

    ...about 1.5 years ago, I missed the red bowler too! it was in mint conditions! stupid computer won't display pics. correctly, I tried to fix the problem as fast as I could but when I went to check back it was already gone!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby::hysteric::cry:
  11. I haven't seen another one like that on eBay before....I hope to get it one day...

    that 'eyanto' girl must be so happy....:cursing:....she tends to bid on those blondies, I remember I outbid her on my white bowler....:boxing:....
  12. Hey everyone the black bowler is for sale again on eBay!!!! Good Luck!
  13. Good luck HM! I hope you get it.........Im bidding on the white one, I know it don't look to be in great shape, but Im going to see about having it cleaned..........I MUST HAVE:yahoo:
  14. I've got it!!!!, I've got it!!!!!!!:yahoo::wlae::nuts::nuts: OMG! today is the happiest day of my life!!!! Thanks for all the PM for my buddies! I love you girls! I can't wait to post pics. when I receive it! :heart:
  15. ^^^^CONGRATS!! SO glad you were able to snag it!