CLs with Tiffany Blue Soles?

  1. Hello! I'm hoping all of you shoe experts can help me.

    A while back, I *thought* I saw a bride wearing a pair of CLs with blue soles...the heels were covered in crystals.:drool:

    Does anyone have any more info on this shoe, or did my imagination make it it up?!!?!??!:shrugs:

  2. No, you didn't imagine this... CL will do custom orders and if you are buying shoes for your wedding, He'll do a blue sole to be your "something Blue"!

    If you need more info, do a search on the CL subforum for this... there was a thread about wedding shoes (which mentioned the blue soles) fairly recently!!
  3. OMG! Really?!?!? I want that!
  4. Ahh omg I had no idea!! I want that too!!
  5. :nuts:

    I want these:love:
  6. OMG.. that is such a cute idea - "something blue".

    That man really understands a woman's heart ! :graucho:
  7. Thank you thank you thank you!! :nuts:
  8. So True! ^ :love:

    Does anyone have pics? I NEEEEEEED to see them!
  9. omg thats so cool!!!!
  10. on the off chance I ever get married I am totally getting those!
  11. wow,blue soles for wedding shoes! the man is a genuis!!
  12. im not sure, but you may be able to get them without custom ordering too? i remember seeing some on bluefly about a year ago or so!!
  13. That sounds so fab! I have yet to see anyone wearing them tho.
  14. sounds really cool! i'd also love to see pics
  15. My guess is that this is all an urban myth. While blue-soled CL's may have existed at one time, I find it interesting that after searching the web I found many references to them but not one single picture...not a one. Nor did anything I read indicate HOW to special order them. Doesn't that strike anyone's suspicion?

    So I suggest contacting a CL boutique and getting to the bottom of it once and for all. And yes, I wish I had been married in a pair myself. :smile: