CLs with tattoos

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  1. Ok, I've never seen tattoos on feet/legs before I became a member here.
    I guess it isn't a big thing in Denmark...

    But I really like your model pics with tattoos. And I'm kind of thinking of maybe, someday, if I dare, if I'm sure, if I don't regret it... to get one my self. ;)
    I think it can be a nice combination.

    Do you ever regret having it done? Do you always think it mach your CL? And what about ankle straps?

    So I want to see all you tattooed ladies with CL's! Let us see the flowers, the bows, the stars and what ever you have to follow the CL's
  2. I don't have a tattoo on my foot near my shoes, but I have always loved Nicole Richie's ankle rosary tattoo... I think it looks great with any shoe/CL because of the way the cross falls on the top of her foot. =)
  3. Nicoles is really similar to Katie Price's ankle tattoo, I don't think much of her but I like her tattoo on her ankle. It's in the attachment :smile:

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  4. I also don't remember most of the usernames on here (no offence as there are so many lovely ladies here) but one I do know is Carlinha has a cute foot tattoo. Post your foot Carlinha! :biggrin:
  5. Did a search and found Nicoles.

    (Why does her feet look SO BAD in the shoes!!!!

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  6. What a cute thread idea!! I love seeing everyone's different tattoos with their CLs.
  7. Thank you! :heart: :smooch:
  8. Yes! Her and Sara (?) I can remeber ;)

    And I've come across so surprisingly many others here in the forum. Can we gather them all here? And hear about their experiences?
  9. I almost got a tattoo on my foot a couple weeks ago when I was in LA (I stopped by Kat Von D's shop) but I changed my mind when I found out their minimum for a tattoo is $200!!!!!! I'll be getting one for sure, just not sure when it will happen....

    ps, I love this thread! So fun!
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    ohh i :heart: this thread :P, wonder why!

    yousofine, to answer your questions,
    1. no i don't regret at all getting my foot tattoo... it has been something i thought about since college (over 12 years ago!), but i could never decide on a design. so i didn't rush into it, and i took my time. when i did find my tattoo design (it's a tribal rendition of a turtle on a wave), i knew right away it was what i wanted - it fits ME. i LOVE to scuba dive, i LOVE turtles, and i LOVE the ocean...
    2. no i don't think it always matches my CLs, but i think that 90% of the time it does, and it looks great (maybe because it is black and blue, and a very neutral tattoo without colors)
    3. ankle straps or not, doesn't seem to matter...

    here's some sample pics of my foot tattoo with different style CLs
    closed toe pump, bright color
    peeptoe pump, neutral color
    peeptoe pump, bright multicolor
    mary jane peeptoe, bright color
    peeptoe ankle strap, neutral color

    my advice, think long and hard about getting one... it's permanent. second, it hurts like HELL!!!!!

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  11. I don't know whose this is but I found this one.

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  12. Well, since you asked... :angel: I don't have the most creative or unique foot tattoo, but it's something I got about 8 years ago now (OMG!!!!) and I have never regretted it! It doesn't necessarily always "match" my CLs but it doesn't bother me. It doesn't take anything away from them for me.. maybe just draws more attention to them!



    Double Salto:


    Bow T:


    cont'd next post
  13. cont'd from post above:


    Very Galaxy (my personal favorite with the stars because of the name! As the lovely RaffaLuv pointed out, the star tattoo adds a special "galaxy" feel! :P):
  14. Oooo:huh:OOoo:huh:Oh! This is going to be a real enabler-thread for me :smile:

    LOVE you pics Carlinha. Didn't know it was a turtle, but see it so clearly now!

    It just looks so classy with the black ankle strap and so fun with the blue.

    When do you thin it doesn't match? The 10% ;)
  15. I have a huge pin up girl tattoo on my back, but after this thread im gonna want a cute one on my foot!!