CLs...Which do you like better?

  1. Which do you like better?

    Which one would you actually purchase?
    CL1.jpg cl Burma LavaGrey 810.jpg
  2. i love love LOVE the jeweled ones. They are so gorgeous and even MORE GORGEOUS in real life. I have been eyeing on it for quite a long time. no doubt 1st one!!! i would pick that one over the 2nd pair within a heartbeat!!!
  3. But, there is a price difference you failed to mention. LOL

    Ha, but no I like the jeweled ones for sure. As far as NM in store goes, supposedly only NM Beverly Hills got them, but my SA's colleague could have been blowing smoke up my ass. lol

    Oh, and I'm totally surprised I haven't any celebrities wearing the jeweled ones yet!
  4. What's the price diff?

    I think I'd purchase the second one because I doubt I'd get much wear from the jewelled ones.
  5. anne hathaway wore em for a photo shoot



  6. jeweled ones are $1,325 and the burma very prive pumps are $810
  7. Thanks for calling me out. haha Love the shoes, but me no likey that dress.

    The jeweled ones shown are $1325 and the Burma Prive are $810.

    There are also black jeweled ones that are a bargain at $1245. hehe

    Ooops sorry didn't realize you were writing at the same time...JINX!
  8. Definitely the jeweled ones.
  9. the jeweled one!!!:tup:
  10. I love the second ones!
  11. I like the jewled ones - they are very unique.
  12. jeweled ones
  13. Definitely the jeweled ones:smile:
  14. I also vote for the jeweled very prives. The anthracite material that CL uses on these and other shoes this season is outstanding IRL.
  15. the jeweled ones are definitely sexy ... but i think the second would be the one's i'd actually purchase.