CLs...where do you wear them to?

  1. So I just got my very first pair of Very Prives in black leather. They're TDF and I'm so indescribably in love with them. However, I'm thinking, where/when would I wear these 5 inch babies?? :sweatdrop: are they too provocative for work? it's prob not a good idea to wear them as my daily go-to shoe...or when I know i need to walk for hours (i.e. shopping).

    So i guess my question is, CL makes mostly gorgeous stunning shoes that aren't really basics (w/exceptions like the simple pumps, etc.), so do you guys wear them out only on special occasions? to nice dinners? or do you guys wear them out on a regular basis just walkin around shopping or spending time with friends? ;)
  2. I have a pair of very prives and I wear them to work. The employees look at my feet and gasp at how high they are, but to me they don't feel high because of the platform. I've worn them with jeans, dress pants, and dresses. I think they are very sexy shoes.

    Don't be afraid, show those babies off!!
  3. ^hahahaha....i once wore 3 inch stilettos to work and everyone was like do you walk in those!!!!!!!!
  4. Depends on the style. I wear Miminettes and Decollettes during the day running errands in downtown SF. I wear the higher styles such as the Yoyo Zeppa, Very Prive and Numero Prive for weddings, parties, dinners, and I even stepped out to the Beyonce concert in them!
  5. I love mine ... the only time I wouldn't wear them to work is for a trial or an important hearing (bc I'd want to tone down the sexiness factor), I suppose.

    What kind of work do you do? That makes a difference.
  6. i wear mine everywhere but all my pairs are 70mm or lower
  7. I know that a few other girls wore their CLs to concerts, too, but I just couldn't do that. I'd be worried all night that my heels would get thrashed and stepped on with all the excitement! :sad:
  8. To go to dinner or special occasions for my higher ones like my VPs- I wear my flats and wedges out and about shopping, etc... I would never wear my CLs to a concert though- I would be too scared they'd get ruined.
  9. Go ahead and wear them to work! I'm wearing a pair of the mary janes today, last friday wore 4 inch matadors in cherry red patent, and last wednesday wore the bright silver miminette wedges!
  10. This was a Beyonce concert not a mosh pit! My CLs were safe. My CL heels get more damage from cracks on the street than from fellow concert goers. After the show I slipped on my ballet flats and safely tucked in my CLs into a shopping bag to protect them.
  11. I'm an attorney and there is no way I'd where them to work! But then work environments are very different and it depends on your location.
  12. LeeMiller - so true. I work for an elite mgmt. consulting company and my client is currently a major Financial Services company, and I still wear them... with suits! Then again, I'm kind of known for my shoes, and I don't think most people would wear them in my situation :smile:

    I do wear them out, too!
  13. I wear mine to work almost daily but I work for a creative company so I think that the dress code is a bit more liberal than if you worked for a finance or law office. Of course I would never wear the more provocative styles to work, but the simple pump, No Prive and Very Prive are perfect for work because they are so comfortable.
  14. I wear them to shopping and dinner all the time. By the way I am a housewife so these are the only time I go out.
  15. My Raffia YoYos lost their battle today with a crack. My second time with them out and a sidewalk crack over on Main street has the tip of the left heel. grr... Off to the cobbler I go!

    I've worn my cataribbon espadrilles to see Veruca Salt and they were fine. :smile:

    I've worn mine out on dates, at work, out to lunch, to the grocery store, etc. Wherever you want really! Remember if you feel good, you look good! (or is it the other way around?) :nuts: