CL's Something Blue - for the brides!

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  1. Wow! These two colors together are mesmerizing. So beautifu lto look at. These shoes make me smile :cutesy: They are satin Yoyo's, yes?? I don't think CL makes th blue soles anymore, though I am no expert.
  2. ^ I was told by an SA that they do not do blue soles anymore. :sad:
  3. Yep, no more blue soles. I tried. :sad:
  4. I saw some at the Madison Ave store about a month or so ago. It might be worth a call just to see if you're in the market. :flowers:

    I'll be wearing my Fluorescent Pink Yoyos (with red sole) to my wedding next month!
  5. it says in the blog that the bride had them match her gown sash, which was in that shade of green! i love that shade of blue though... i hope they didn't really stop doing them :sad:
  6. ^ They did... now that he has patented the red sole
  7. Yes finally a patent on thoes babies, now no one can steal them anymore!
  8. I love the color. They are stunning!!
  9. These are AWESOME!
  10. i dont like the blue sole =[
    am i the only one? .. guess so
  11. This is the 2nd time I've seen this kind of blue on CL sole. I've previously seen them in tiffany blue....
  12. I absolutely love this color combination. I often pair this color green with my navy blue Mouches and I like that too! I am inspired to wear that outfit tonight. Thanks for posting, we rarely see the blue soles.
  13. Here are the Tiffany blues
    CL Blue Sole.jpg
  14. Honeslty, I rather have the red sole.
    Whats the big thing with the "something blue & something old & something new"? I dont really get me stupid, but im Greek & never really heard any other Greek do this.