CLs Sculpted Heel...

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  1. I haven't had a chance to see any of his sculpted heels in person (yet), but I don't like them for some reason.

    Is it just me, or do any of you actually like the sculpted heel better?
  2. I have 2 of those style heels for my pigalles and I :heart: them both
  3. I have mixed feelings about the sculted heel.

    I love how the heel looks on styles like the pigalle, the yoyo, and recently on some maryjanes.

    However, I have found this style to be much too delicate for me. I only wore my red patent yoyos 4 times to work before the lift was completely worn and had dug itself up into the heel, causing the red lacquer to lift.
  4. My Pigalles are the sculpted heel and I prefer it as I think it looks less 'harsh' than the straight heel.
  5. I hate the sculpted heel. I think it looks like every other pump out there. I like CL because it's totally unique, not because it's totally standard.
  6. I think the sculpted heel looks great. Definitely makes the pigalle a more work-appropriate shoe because it tones down the sex factor.

    Ironically, precisely the reason I didn't like them when they first were introduced on the pigalle. The straight, very visually defining 5 inch heel was what really launched the pigalle to shoe stardom, right? And to take away the most noticeable defining feature seemed odd...

    But now, they are more comfortable as a sculpted heel, and more feminine, imo. Not so much in your face...

    I have both heels in the pigalles. heehee