CLs or Over the Knee Boots?

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  1. i've posted this in the glass slipper sub but thought it can go in here too :biggrin: anyways, winter is coming and i've been wanting a pair of over the knee boots for some time now, but i am able to get a discount of a pair of CLs that is in a too good to be passed for price! what to do?! :noggin: its driving me crazy! Another note though, these CLs are just a plain black pigalle but it would be my first pair of CLs :biggrin:
  2. The black pigalle is a gorgeous, timeless shoe IMPO. Tricky to walk in but definitely flattering! Last year, I really wanted a pair of OTK boots too so I got 2 pairs. I find that I don't wear them as much and when I do, my legs feel tight and it's harder to move gracefully.

    I think I'm biased though, cause CL's are my weakness ;) goodluck in making your decision!
  3. lolss! did i mention that im absolutely suck at wear heels? but i ADORE them cus they make me feel so sexy and feminine :P girls, what we do for beauty :biggrin:
  4. Don't get the CLs just because they're a good price, especially if you have a hard time in heels.

    If you think you'll wear OTK boots more, get those. Black pigalles will always be around.
  5. ^^I agree with Naked. Pigalles are not a hard-to-find style and if you'll get more wear out of OTK boots rather than a gorgeous pair of shoes that sit in your wardrobe it's a no-brainer that the boots win.
  6. I only own one pair of CLs and it is the Pigalle...I have to say, I have NEVER regretted the purchase. I don't normally wear expensive shoes (the most expensive I usually go is somewhere in the Tory Burch-on-sale-range). I don't feel guilty that I spent $$ on a very classic, timeless style...IMHO over the knee boots are trendy and are not as versatile as a pair of classic pumps, so if I had to pick what to spend money on it would be the Pigalles. If I bought OTK boots, I would buy a cheaper brand because I personally don't like spending $$ on trendy things. Just my .02c! Good luck with your shopping.