CL's Miss Marple without platform

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  1. hi everyone! I just stumbled on a pic of these dropdead gorgeous heels!:drool:
    lately I'm into christian louboutin and patent leather shoes! I'm just dying now, I want these so much!

    I have a few questions:
    Anyone know from what year/season they are? Are they still available in shops and do they make them still?? ow god I hope so! (btw I never buy online - too scared)

  2. I love those. I can't help you with the info though.
  3. Oh!! They're beautiful. I have the reg. Miss Marple with the platform, and I just recently bought mine so I'm assuming either fall 06 or spring 07...b/c I'm also assuming they were both released together since they're so similar...but of course I may be completely wrong. Something really helpful with CL is their website, which you may want to check!! Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the replies girls! and the info purseenthousiast! I already looked at their site but I couldn't find them. Looked at,,,, and to find some more info but nada :crybaby: !
  5. These are last yr's shoes which is why you cannot locate them in stores. You can either find them on eBay or call the Paris boutique for a special order.
  6. These a very cute shoes. Goodluck with your search.