***CL's Love for CLs*** - Collection of CEC.LV4eva

  1. CEC.LV I Love your collection and your blog! My favorite are the Very Privé 120 in Azzuro Patent Leather:love:
  2. Are you kidding? Fabulous collection! Love you decolzeps and pigalle platos the most
  3. Your collection is TDF! :love: Thanks for sharing! :ps:
  4. You have a beautiful collection! The Barbies are really the icing on the cake. I'm glad you managed to make the PPs work. Those MMs are fantastic on you as well!
  5. How wonderful to have a CEC collection thread! I am loving the Azzuro patent--I feel like it is one of those colors that gets overlooked but is TDF! Your Barbies are so precious :cutesy:. Thank you for sharing with us!
  6. Can we get a family shot please? :tender:
  7. You have a beautiful collection!! I love the gorgeous blue VPs and pink ronrons.
  8. I'm glad I finally got to see your whole CL's collection :smile:!!! Love the Pigalle Platos! This will be so nice for grad ball!
  9. THanks aoqtpi! haha I have a weakness for Barbies lol

    Thank you City! So... how about those Jade ADs??? :graucho:

    Thank you cts900!!! yes, the blue azzuro VPs are simple, but so versatile :yes: Thank you again for visiting!

    thanks rdgldy!! your collection is fabulous, you know I look up to you!!! :p
  10. Hey J.Queen!!! Thanks for visiting! You're finally here on tPF! It's about time! :lol: Oh and I'm honored to have your first post here on my thread!!!

    Hi Jenay! Well my apartment's a mess and I'm moving out soon, so my shoes are a bit everywhere. I line them up in their boxes along the hallway lol (there are a couple of shoes missing, gone to the cobbler's). I did have a group pic back from 2009. I promise to get a display case and do a proper collection pic once I settle into my new apartment by the end of this summer :yes:




    100_5043.jpg 100_5045.jpg 100_5046.jpg Collection2009.jpg
  11. ^^ :woohoo:
  12. Love your collection, especially the recent additions! And I love how the pink ron rons stand out from the rest! :love:
  13. Love the family pic :smile:!
  14. C - i knew you'd have a gorgeous collection! love them all!! thanks for sharing!
  15. Yeah my Bianca's aren't perfectly colored either and there are light spots all over the shoes but I love them mucho ... when they are about a year I will probably take them in to get re-dyed.