CLs in your city

  1. Do you see women wearing CLs often where you live? Or are you a lone red-sole wearer in your area? Does this affect how you feel when you wear CLs?

    Where I live I have never seen a woman in CL shoes, in fact I've only twice spotted them but in another city. I plan to wear mine out tomorrow night, I've only just started buying designer shoes and have just 3 pairs of CLs so far, but I think I'm ready to introduce them to the streets. :yahoo:
  2. No, not here but we have a Saks that sells plenty, I can;t wait to get my first pair!
  3. I truly can't say I have ever seen anyone in my town wearing them, which is odd, because they are readily available in the city.

    That's ok, as long as I have mine!
  4. I see ladies wearing them all the time, but I live in NYC where it seems like 90% women wear high end designer shoes. In fact, just the other day I saw a lady wearing the $4K crocodile very prives in chocolate brown, she was also carrying a croc H bag. I had to wipe the drool off my chin before it stained my shirt.
  5. Surprisingly, I don't. Most people I know do not buy high end shoes.
  6. well, I have never seen anyone in Seattle wear Louboutins.. but then again this is seattle ... rarely do I see anyone wearing\carrying anything I admire around here. Mostly I cringe .. mostly.
  7. I don't see them in my city sad!
  8. I have only seen two people wearing CLs. One was at a club, and one was at Saks. It's so weird because I live in LA and they are very easy to grab! I love being the only one wearing CLs!! I get tons of compliments on them!
  9. I don't ever see anyone wearing CLs in Orlando. And we have just about every high end department store that would carry them. I,like hsl521,get mad compliments when I wear em though. It is like true shoe lovers just know they are CLs.
  10. I see them ALL the time in Los Angeles. Maybe it's because I work two blocks from Rodeo in Beverly Hills...
  11. ITA - they are instantly recognizable. Sometimes I think that something is wrong with me because I see womens' eyes just fixated on my shoes...but they don't look at the rest of me.
  12. I see them when im in in NJ, i feel as if im the only one that knows about this secret. haha I love it though! I had a girl run up to me in a lounge while I was wearing my Veee pumps and asked me if they were CL's. It totally made my night!
  13. I have never noticed anyone (besides me, lol) wearing them around here. There is no Saks or NM, so I have bought mine online or when I go to a larger city. My friends comment and ask me about the shoes, but I really never like to tell them how much they actual cost or anything like that.
  14. I don't have any CLs. Also don't see them in San Francisco very much. It's because we do a lot of walking here and a lot of people take public transportation to get to work. It's just impractical.
  15. Archipelago, that's because I carry mine to and from work in my backpack. :smile: Walking to and from BART in even 2 inch heels kills the soles of my feet! I wear mine around the office and when I do things like drive to the grocery store! :smile: Oh you're going to hunt me down and mug me for my backpack full of CL goodness. ;)

    As for seeing other people wearing them, I don't normally see that for some reason. I was surprised when I saw a woman at NM wearing Gucci shoes. Even in Union Square where Saks and NM are, there aren't people running around wearing them. Unless I miss them among all the tourists.