CL's in south coast

  1. for those who live in california do you know if the Saks in south coast plaza in orange county carries CL's:smile:
  2. I dont think they do. I was there last week and didn't see any.
  3. Yep, NM at Fashion Island does. They didn't have much of a selection last week, they did have a few styles on the sales racks but none that I liked.

    It's really surprising (and wrong!) that South Coast doesn't have a NM anymore...anyone know why?
  4. ^ did they every have a NM? i've been going to SCP since i was born and don't remember NM every being there.
  5. LOL really? I'm laughing because my hubby was born and raised right near there and grew up going to south coast plaza and he SWORE there used to be a NM there...we just got back here after moving around for 6 years (visiting a few times in the meantime) so my memory was all out of whack and I believed him. LOL I should've figured he wouldn't have a clue about a store he wouldn't even shop in himself...
  6. ^Yup DLS is right...Neiman has always been at Fashion Island, but not at SCP..maybe he got it mixed up with Saks (which is indeed at SCP)?
  7. I think he got it mixed up with know, two departments stores he hates being dragged to, both starting with "N"...:roflmfao: