CL's in Las Vegas

  1. I'm usually lurking in the Burberry section, but a quick note about CL's...

    Those who have heard that a CL store has opened in The Palazzo in Las Vegas... it's NOT open yet. Over Valentine's Day my sweetie and I took a trip to LV, staying at the new Palazzo, with one goal being to visit the CL store. The Palazzo's website said the hotel and it's stores are open. NOT! Much is still under construction, including CL.

    Just a heads-up to those who are itching to go shopping for CL's in Las Vegas.... wait, and be sure to double check that The Palazzo and its stores are in full operation.

    I did find a dreamy pair at Barney's though, so all was not lost! :p
  2. thanks for the info. Please post pics
  3. There is a store at the Wynn that generally carries a nice selection of CLs.
  4. Thanks for letting us know.
  5. That's a bit disappointing. I will be heading to Vegas tomorrow for my birthday and will be staying at the Palazzo. I know all is not lost because there is Saks, NM and Barneys...and I have already fulfilled my one shoe per season quota.
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LavenderIce!!!! Don't tell me that you will be in Vegas on your birthday and you will not be treating yourself to a hot new pair of CLs?!?! How about a hot EB Declic at Barneys??? Well, at least you need to WEAR your CLs to celebrate! :yahoo:
  7. I'm thinking about calling The Palazzo and telling them how many people are going just for CL only to be disappointed upon arrival. When at lunch in the hotel the first day, the people at the table beside us were there for the very same reason! Oh well.

    I found Barney's in the Palazzo to have the best selection. The Wynn's shoe store's selection was very thin.

    It's my first pair of CL's--the Eventa Mary Jane. I LOVE them! I'd have every color if I could... they are so comfortable and CL's are so very sexy and iconic!
  8. I might be going to Vegas at the end of May. I hope it's open by then! I think I might have to add an extra day to my trip so I can go shopping!
  9. I'm going next week! This is so disappointing to hear!
  10. Thanks Lynn! I have been treating myself all of last year. It works out to like three shoes per month since March '07 until January '08. Now I am trying to control myself. Girl, I already got the EB Declic from Barneys LV! That was my one shoe per season fulfillment. I won't be too disappointed because one of my SAs has a little something for me to come in the near future.

    I think it will be open by then. For some reason when I travel, I find the shopping to be even more of a high than when I shop locally. Is it like that for crack? :p

    I would hope it opens soon!
  11. Congrats on your first pair! You know, I have actually postponed my trip from last month during the soft opening when I learned there wasn't a whole lot open yet. I went ahead and rescheduled for tomorrow so that I can celebrate my birthday there. I know that I will be going back, so I am going to that boutique eventually. I agree about the store at the Wynn. I think the selection is like At least when I went there, I thought the styles were the least hot of what's out there.
  12. I do the same thing. I love to shop when I travel, of course it might be because there are so many better places to shop in many cities. I'm also sitting here wondering if I should plan an extra day if I go to vegas after the people I'll be with will be gone so I can shop alone and not freak them out with how much I'll spend on shoes! Wow, that does sort of sound like a crack addiction!
  13. Pass the pipe Zophie! You know, if you can swing it, plan for the extra day. You might as well have a positive shopping experience without people freaking out about what you spend your money on. I am such an enabler that when people go shopping with me, they end up spending the way I do.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Amazing! I just laughed so hard!

    And after reading this thread I'm so glad I didn't go to Vegas Saturday night! I'll just wait until the usual girls trip Memorial day weekend...

    ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAV!!!!!!!
  15. Ahh! I was so enraged by the fact that the CL boutique isn't open that I forgot to say happy birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday in Vegas, even though CL's not there:sad: