CLs for wide feet?

  1. ^That's cute babypie! I'm sure you don't though! But I do think I have muffin top toes too sometimes. I have to push the sides of my feet into my shoes, sounds weird, I know, but it works!

    If I size up a half size I need heel grips, and in some cases tip toes as well and my Rolandos still slip off, once in a while, I hope they don't stretch! I have a pair of Simples that I got tts and they actually fit, but I don't like the way they're stretching at all, they're patent so they look like they're molding to my foot, you can see where my toes are! Ick! And they look like I'm squishing a wide foot into a narrow shoe, imo. No one else seems to notice! On the other hand, I tried on a pair of the Fall '08 Simples, half size down and they weren't tight at all. I'm thinking I'll stick to half size up though. I'm so confused now! :confused1:
  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  3. Socal are those your pink patent Simples? Mine are doing that too after one wear! Do yours feel like the leather is thinner than usual?

    I get muffin top toes too, actually sometimes they look like little cupcakes that rose a bit too much in the oven!
  4. ^^^LOL Babypie me too!!!

    OP IMO NP's are much more better looking on a wide foot than VP's and the clichy, oh my sling, horatio, architeks and lady gres are nice too, its all about finding the right size in each specific style
  5. ^:lol: So cute babypie!

    Yes, they are my pink patent! Come to think of it, they do feel thinner! What gives?!
  6. ^ I don't know :confused1:. They're so comfy and pretty I forgive their thiness LOL
  7. Lo, did you try any Decolletes? I like the way the Decolzep fits too. But I still love my VPs, I don't think they look too bad! Hey, what's OP?
  8. Makes sense...I've never thought of that before. Hmmm....
  9. OP - Original Poster.

    I agree, decolletes look great on a wide foot as they're cut slightly higher along the sides, but still have that low cut curvy CL look.
  10. They are comfy! What size did you get? I went tts, I thought that may have been the problem, should've sized up, just a half! But, I tried on the brown glitart Simples and they are definitely tts! The SA said that a lot of people were saying that.
  11. :roflmfao: finding that out now myself too! I think they really do need to be tried on. They're so all over the place!
  12. Socal it means Original poster i think, haha, I havent tried the decolette yet, i was afraid they would be too narrow, i have to try a pair. I still love the VP as well, they are such a classic

    Babypie you should try a pair of NP's :devil:, lol.

  13. I got the Glitart ronron's in the mail yesterday and tried them on today and they felt TIGHT, but i think me feet are swollen from dancing and drinking all night last night:push:
  14. ^:yes: :devil: ita!
  15. Lo ~ I've heard that the Ron Rons are tight in the toe box. But the Simples don't seem as narrow as before. I really want to try the New Simples, I love that little platform! Are you keeping them? I've also found that shoes feel tighter at night and especially if I've been on them all day, or running around in flip-flops all day!