CLs for wide feet?

  1. I'm curious about this as well. I have wide feet and also doing some recon before I get into my first pair of CLs :smile:
  2. I *think* I remember someone on here saying once that the Minibouts were roomier in the front than the VP, and they are a similar style.
  3. I have pretty wide feet, but there are some styles I find more accommodating than others. I wouldn't buy anything too low cut (I find the Pigalle doesn't work so well), but I love the Clichy and the Declic. The Minibout works well as well, and the Rolando is okay. I think it also depends on the material, though, as suede and kid will be more forgiving and comfortable than patent. The Simples weren't too bad, either. Make sure you get the right size, though. CLs run small in general, in width and length, so if possible, try on the shoes beforehand. If you can't, go over the sizing thread.
  4. For me the Minibouts are not as comfortable as the VP.

    In my experience, the 1st few pairs I tried on were so uncomfrotable, but I just continued on with my quest to find a pair that fits. The key is sizing. So try as many pairs in different styles and sizes until you find what's comfortable for you. GL!
  5. Hmmm, in my experience, the minibout is snuggier than VP. In fact, my VP is patent and my minibout is kid. They are the same size. My patent VP also has stretched a bit (I wear it often) and now I put half insole because it's a bit roomy at the toebox.
    Simples is definitely comfy. And I think ladygres is even wider than VP.
    My ladygres, VP and minibout are the same size (i.e. my true size, I didn't size up).
    So, IMO: minibout is the narrowest, then VP then ladygres the widest.
    I also find Pigalle and Simple okay.
    My feet are a bit wide, but not very wide (maybe width C in Ferragamo?), and definitely bony.
    So far, the only style need stretching was peanut wedges.
  6. I think any CL shoes in suede is most easily to stretching to the shape of your feet. I do agree with Wantmore, you should try on as many different styles and sizes to find the shoe that is most comfortable for you.
  7. I have to say that even though it is snug, the minibout is actually comfy and they are slip free. So I guess, they are ideal for me. While VP, although extremely gorgeous and wearable, needs a bit of work to prevent slipping.
    As wantmore say, you just have to try a few styles and find one that is comfy and looks good on you. I find that sometimes, the prettiest in picture is not always the prettiest on the feet and higher heels does not mean less comfy/walkable.
    I am in Australia and don't always get to try before I buy, so sometimes I buy something that I truly love but turn out that it is probably not made for me (but I also learn that I always can work on it to make it comfy if I really love it!) and sometimes I buy some pairs that were good deals that surprisingly look so much better IRL and comfy.
    Good luck in your quest!
  8. Hi, I have mega wide feet, I think last time I got measured as a child I was off the scale (g rings a bell..) anyhow I have always had problems with wide feet issues.

    As with lauren:

    CL's I cant go near are pigalles, I bought a pair but my feet spill over the sides, lets just say, to fit into those I would need to chop off my little toe and the bones connected to that. Which is a real shame becuase the pigalles are really lovely!!!!!!

    I have the rolando's and they fit really well width wise, and will/are/have stretched.

    I also have the activas in leather and they also stretch when I push my foot all the way in. :smile:

    I have come to the decision that the CL's that will fit the best are the ones with the most material at the sides. Anything low cut and I have to stay away, however hard it is.

  9. thank you so much for all the answers!!!!!!! However i dont know what a lot of these shoes look like because i am new to christian louboutins is there anywhere on the forum where i can see pics of different christian louboutin style shoes
  10. i also really like the decollete (sp ?) how does this run, does it tend to stretch or what I am going to NY in a week and am planning to make my 1st trip to the boutique :yahoo:
  11. If you have wide feet, you should go up at least one whole size for the Decollete.
  12. thanks laureen
    : )
  13. I never realized I had wide feet until I tried on my first Louboutins a year or two ago. For the most part, that hasn't stopped my from buying CLs but there are definitely some styles that just dont look right on me (ie VPs). My foot sorta looks like its too big for the shoe :cursing: Any solution to this or am I just cursed with the fate of never having the pleasure of wearing VPs??

    BTW...I've tried having CLs stretched out but never to the extent where they actually look "right"...
  14. Hm, you should post modeling pics and ask for an opinion. Sometimes you're your own worst critic. I have pretty wide feet too, and still have a pair of Pigalles and the Anemones. I doubt the shoes look that bad on you.