CLs for wide feet?

  1. I have wide feet too and trying on is a must. In my pegalles I am a 39 but a 39 is way tight in any of the wedges
  2. I think a half size up is sufficient. It runs quite true to size and these will stretch :smile:
  3. Please help!

    I first got the Patent Pigalle 100 in 36.5 (my size in most CLs) and was able to squeeze my foot in uncomfortably. So I exchanged them for a 37 and thought that it would be perfect....BUT since my feet are widest at the ball of the feet (4 in!) and because my toes are also a little long, the toe box for the Pigalles are just killer and the shoe hits my 3rd and 4th toes. :sad:

    I don't really want to exchange for a 37.5 (I'm a US 6 after all and a CL 36.5) because I'm afraid of the toe box problem will be the same. So, should I just take the 37 to a cobbler and have them stretch it length and width wise? I'm worried that the shoe will look distorted or something. Any advice would help, thanks! :smile:
  4. My feet is wider than you with a bunion and I take 39 for simples. I would say they run TTS if you are getting the 70mm or 100mm.
  5. I know this is an older style but does anyone know if Miss Marple is suitable for wide feet? I would assume so just by looking at the shoe but wondering if anyone know?
  6. Yes, they are. I have a wide ball of foot and love my Miss Marples. This style runs VERY TTS so don't go up. I am a US 8-8.5 and have the MM in a 38.5 and have to use a ball of foot pad and heel grip. They are awesome.
  7. I got tts :smile:
  8. Thanks! Found a pair on eBay in my TTS so that's perfect :biggrin:
  9. Mine ar TTS (40) and the toe box is tight. You have to just wear them, around the house first, until the tow box changes shape to accommodate your size. The best thing to do is to go and try them on in person, near the end of the day when your feet are their largest. Don't guess with the size because they are all different fit wise. My opinion only:smile:
  10. Maggies are very kind to wider feet.

    Mine are slightly on the wider side (ummm... how does one determine if the feet are wide?), well definitely not narrow and they are very comfy. I love them so much that I have a few pairs in different colors.

    I am a true US6.5 and 37s for Maggies in both 140s and 160s.
    Hope this helps!
  11. That's good to know. I have only seen them in photos, and just assumed that the toebox was shaped like Rolandos so must fit like Rolandos (which pretty much killed my feet even for 10 min). I might just have to investigate..:graucho: So compared to Pigalle 120, how far do you go up in size? I'm a 34.5 in Pigalle 120 and 35.5 in Very Prive. Thanks! :flowers:
  12. I hear you. When I first saw the photos, I thought they would fit like Rolandos too.

    I wear 36 for Pigalle 120 and VP 36.5 which I should have gotten a 37, and Maggie 37. You can tell the toe-box is generous just by looking at them before you even try them on.

    I sized up to 37.5 for Rolandos and it nearly killed me but they stretched out to the point that I have massive heel slippage after 5-6 wears by the way. I am working on the 37s now. Once they stretch out, they are okay comfy fyi.
  13. There is a black astrakan pony skin maggie out there this season.
    Very comfortable.
  14. Thank you!! The black astrakhan ones are the ones I'm eying ;) That's good to know about the Rolandos, too, although I'm not sure my feet can handle the breaking in period.
  15. Get yourself a shoe stretcher made for high heels! Makes a world of difference!!!
    I have one for heels higher than 100s.