CL's for Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!

  1. hi girls, this is the first time i post here in the CL forum. My husband is getting me a pair of CL's for Valentines but i am not too familiar with the styles, i do want something simple and classic like for example a pointed toe closed of course with a 85mm heel which i think is like 3 inches just a simple pump to start off with. can you gals please help me out with names and pics if you have any? also i tried looking for some on the department store websites but the ones i like seem to be sold out, anywhere else i can buy them? TIA;)
  2. ^^^ I second this one sooo sexy!!
  3. Simple pump is nice
    Decoltissimo is a classic too.
    Decollete is a very sexy shoe. Just saw them at Saks in Short HIlls, NJ - remember to go up a full size.
    Veee is a great pump too, but you probably have to eBay them.
    My fav is the Prive.
  4. thanks girls!!! i really like the decoltissimo pumps, their so sexy and i will be looking for the Veee on eBay thanks so much everybody:yahoo:
  5. I love these. If you don't get them, try the very prives!
  6. The pigalles are also very nice and have a pointed toe. Don't forget to try one of the CL boutiques since they can have styles that are not at Saks, NM, Barney's etc.
  7. What a sweet husband!! Good luck on your search and remeber that they run small. :tup:
  8. If you want something not too high, what about a pair of the new Very Prives or No Prives in the lower heel? They're really comfortable (especially with the platform), and you'd get a lot of use out of them. I just don't think of pointed toe as a CL classic. He's more known for the peep toe. I would suggest the yoyos, but they're dreadfully uncomfortable.

    If you're set on a pointed toe, there are some really pretty Mary Janes.
  9. do they have any mary janes but in leather instead of patent. i love the la donnas but ive only seen patent
  10. I love the idea of CLs for Valentine's Day; it's the perfect union of a woman's desires and a man's idea to get something sexy for her.