CL's for bigger feet?


Oct 19, 2009
Hi everyone,

Well the time has come to purchase my first pair of Louboutins! Due to my location I will have to purchase online (therefore not being able to try on first).

I have size 10 feet that I would say are on the wider side compared to average. Does anyone know of particular CL styles that are slightly wider or more forgiving than others? I'm guessing I'll have to avoid patent...

I prefer peep toe styles and lower heel heights (I'm already quite tall and if I go too high I get clumsy... so 4" max I guess??).

If there are any girls out there who have bigger feet, please let me know if you have any advice on what to look for! Any help greatly appreciated!

Thanks!!! :biggrin: Amelia.


May 21, 2009
There are several threads on larger feet already if you do a search. You will have to size up and your first port of call would be our sizing thread for specific requests:

You don't have to stay away from patent at all - it starts smaller than regular leather but it stretches so fast. I will be honest and say that you will probably have to do some stretching before wearing your shoes as CLs are cut extremely narrow, unless you can size up quite a bit. Everyone's foot is different. This can be just a matter of wearing the shoes with socks around the house, or more elaborate stretching methods of which there are also many threads.

As for styles, there are lots of threads on lower heels, but have a look at Simple, New Simple, Prorata, Miss Boxe. For peep toes, Numero Prive is more accommodating for wide feet than the Very Prive (you can get both of these in a 90mm version.) Also the Mater Claude and Cathay may work. Basically, anything leather or patent has a decent possibility for stretching. I would avoid crepe satin and mesh as well as anything very pointy.

There is no substitute for going into a store a trying on lots of styles. Somewhere like Saks is much better than a boutique for this - they are also likely to stock lower heels.


Oct 19, 2009
Thank you thank you!! I will go and research those styles now. Sorry to repeat threads - I did actually search but I presumed that thread you linked to didn't specify styles that were a bit wider (that is my main issue, quite a few brands don't fit because of this). Going to check out that sizing thread more thoroughly now! :smile:

Good to know I don't have to avoid patent because I've found several that I like!

Thanks again!


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Feb 6, 2008
^^^ Got it! ;)

There some threads about which styles fit wider feet. Try searching "wide."

Here's one I found.

Still, the older threads won't include the newer styles though, so maybe others can chime in with style suggestions here.

Your size (10) is well within the fit range of CLs so that shouldn't be a problem. I wear a 9.5-10, slightly wide, and rarely have trouble finding CLs that fit me.
CLs don't run particularly narrow in my opinion. it would probably be best to just try a few pairs on the get a sense.
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